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Perverse Yogis: Hot-(ter) Yoga

Jane Wil­de hat ihren Freund Rob­by Echo zu sei­ner ers­ten Hot-Yoga-Stun­de mit­ge­nom­men. Als sie rein­kom­men, sehen sie ein paar ande­re Schü­ler (Anny Auro­ra, Desti­ny Cruz und Ale­xia Anders), die sich bereit machen und auf den Leh­rer war­ten. Jane und Rob­by fin­den zwei freie Plät­ze und set­zen sich hin, obwohl Rob­by sehr lau­nisch zu sein scheint und sich dar­über beschwert, dass der Raum zu heiß ist. Die ver­är­ger­te Jane erin­nert ihn zum hun­derts­ten Mal dar­an, dass es sich hier um HOT Yoga han­delt, also muss der Raum auch heiß sein. Außer­dem ist sie sich sicher, dass es ihm Spaß machen wird, wenn er sich dar­auf einlässt.

Isiah Max­well kommt her­ein und gibt sich als Ersatz-Yoga­leh­rer zu erken­nen. Als Isiah die Klas­se vor­stellt, sieht er aus dem Augen­win­kel, dass Jane und Rob­by sich strei­ten, und ein schel­mi­scher Fun­ke springt in sei­ne Augen. Da Rob­by ein neu­er Schü­ler ist, lässt Isiah ihn in den vor­de­ren Teil der Klas­se gehen, so dass er von Jane im hin­te­ren Teil abge­wandt ist. Die Klas­se macht eine Rei­he von Boden­übun­gen, bei denen Isiah Jane beson­de­re Auf­merk­sam­keit schenkt, indem er sie mit sei­nen Hän­den führt und sei­nen Schritt an ihrem Hin­tern reibt.

Isiah führt die Klas­se in eini­ge ste­hen­de Posen, und wie­der kommt Isiah näher an Jane her­an und behan­delt sie ganz per­sön­lich. Er steht hin­ter ihr und führt ihre Hüf­ten und ihren Busen mit sei­nen Hän­den. Als er sicher ist, dass der Rest der Klas­se und Rob­by nicht zuschau­en, fängt er an, Jane zu küs­sen, die das sehr genießt. Sie fan­gen an zu knut­schen und sich im hin­te­ren Teil der Klas­se gegen­sei­tig zu befum­meln. Jane klet­tert dann auf ihn und lässt sich von Isiah in der Höhe füh­ren, wäh­rend sie sich wei­ter küssen.

Wäh­rend er die ahnungs­lo­se Klas­se für wei­te­re Posen auf die Knie lei­tet, holt Isiah sei­nen Schwanz her­aus und Jane lutscht ihn, wäh­rend sie kniet. Dann geht sie auf alle Vie­re und lässt sich von Isiah von hin­ten ficken, bevor er sie von unten vögelt. Nach einem kur­zen Check-in, um sicher­zu­stel­len, dass alle ande­ren Schü­ler ruhig und medi­ta­tiv sind, zieht sich Isiah voll­stän­dig aus und fickt Jane in Bull­dog­gen-Stel­lung. Dann dreht er sie auf den Rücken und sie haben zusam­men Mis­sio­nars­sex in ver­schie­de­nen Varia­tio­nen, bis Isiah auf Janes Gesicht abspritzt, wäh­rend sie ihm einen bläst.

Geht es nur ihnen so oder ist es hier drin heiß? 

Na ja… namaste!

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Jane Wil­de erzählt alles über die Pornoindustrie
Video Tran­skript Deutsch

okay we’­re strea­ming let’s see if we get a chat tha­t’s how we know if this is gon­na be a suc­cess or not as if the chat
pops up mm-hmm so the­re’s always this like weird awk­ward like five seconds here whe­re we don’t know and then
some­bo­dy’s gon­na pop in the chat be like gay and then we’ll know it’s real until
we see the gay or just any kind of com­ment them yep the­re it is first com­ing just as your which is good you
know I would pre­fer gay in all caps a bunch of wise it does wait oh I for­got
you’­re from New York you don’t have to talk about that but yeah your is a good thing to say right yeah man in New York
the­re’s some­thing about that way you could just hear some­bo­dy say­ing here down the street and you just sort of know wha­t’s up you just know some­thin­g’s
going on and the­re’s so many words like from New York dialect bet­ter hey yo they
means so many dif­fe­rent things like dead ass dead ass is a pro­duct of New York City it’s weird a dead ass I feel like
the rest of the world may­be only even caught on to it for like the past cou­p­le years recent­ly most in New York in 2004
was I belie­ve alrea­dy in effect yeah I used to say I mean I’m young but like I
grew up in New York I would say it all the time actual­ly like way too much he
said dad ask too much yeah I mean no the­re’s this one kid I knew from he moves to New York from Vir­gi­nia and he
would just say dead ass on a level that was not nor­mal real­ly it sound­ed like extre­me­ly cor­ny you know like young
peop­le and in par­ti­cu­lar young peop­le from New York I belie­ve often fall vic­tim to the cur­se of fin­ding one slang
term that you like and then ove­r­using the [ _ ] out of it to the point that it is like self par­o­dy like I remem­ber having friends who would say Oh Dee but she was Oh Dee bad oppo­si­te of Oh Deena she was Oh ever­ything Oh Dee like I’ll say Oh Dee as well I don’t say too much in LA any­mo­re I still bus­ted I want some while peop­le look at me like I got two heads becau­se it just does­n’t make sen­se on the the wes­tern­most coast yeah defi­ni­te­ly on the west coast I feel like the­se terms are just not it’s not the same it does­n’t hit the same it does­n’t but then at the same time I like Twit­ter sort of like binds us tog­e­ther and crea­tes more of a glo­bal cul­tu­re we’­re like it’s real­ly just like come out of your mouth like if tha­t’s how you talk tha­t’s how you talk and if it isn’t don’t try no that is a huge thing to them and tha­t’s always been like the thing that kept me from say­ing the N word even when I was young and impres­sionab­le was like you know I might have said it once or twice and I was like holy [ _ ] that does­n’t sound right com­ing out of my mouth I should not say
that out of any white per­son’s mouth but
tha­t’s just how I feel you were never on team n‑word as a young New Yor­ker I’m not gon­na lie when I first moved to New
York in 2004 that was one of the main things I was ama­zed by is just how many white kids were say­ing in the N words
not the N word the only one but in the BMX world it was like holy [ _ ] all the­se kids think they’­re black this is cra­zy no it just it never appealed to me I never felt like I would be coo­ler for say­ing it or that it was like some secret thing that and you know I was I’m sur­roun­ded in New York by white peop­le who just love that word and think they are like this ste­reo­ty­pi­cal like my friend like gave me the pass or wha­te­ver but like just does not­hing for me your friends pro­bab­ly not in the Black Pan­thers you know it’s pro­bab­ly just some guy who real­ly isn’t that deeply inves­ted in the situa­ti­on and that just makes it so much worse cuz I’m just like we can’t trust women to make our decisi­ons about lan­guage first any­way for the peop­le who don’t know you this is Jane Wil­de she’s an illus­trious adult star at this point illus­trious I guess means that you have a lot of lus­ter cool which is it’s like it’s good [ _ ] like you’­re like I mean I
would honest­ly like to know the defi­ni­ti­on of illus­trious right now becau­se I don’t have it on deck but I mean
it’s like one of tho­se words I’ve been using like sin­ce I was so young that it like it’s like a brain fart when I try
to think about exact­ly how I would defi­ne it’s a real­ly good pro­fes­sio­nal
let’s talk about the fact that I met you a cou­p­le years ago okay oh real­ly
holy [ _ ] okay I met you one year ago in Vegas at the AVM whe­re were you out at that point in your life in terms of your care­er becau­se I under­stand you came up a bit sin­ce then yeah so I was very very new and at the bot­tom none of my sce­nes had come out yet but I’d been shoo­ting porn in Flo­ri­da for like three weeks so I shot pro­bab­ly like 15 you would only machi­ne for three weeks on just some girl and tha­t’s what I thought was kind of weird is I was like damn Jane has like offi­cial num­bers on social media now when I met her I’m pret­ty sure she did not that was weird to me too becau­se like I just okay I feel like I spo­ke it into exis­tence becau­se you know I was a fan of Len­na and her You­Tube vide­os and then I found you through Len­na and I thought you were both like dopest [ _ ] I would watch your vlogs and [ _ ] and I knew you were gon­na be at AVN so I tweeted right befo­re avi­an I was like some­bo­dy tell Lana the plug that I real­ly want to meet her at avi­an or wha­te­ver I just star­ted the nicest thing I’m gon­na move the mic so they can see you and wha­te­ver the [ _ ] you’­re wea­ring bet­ter yeah so like I was at avi­an and
we had just done a shoot in like a hotel suite you were filming porn at baby yeah
it’s becau­se it’s a good place cuz ever­y­bo­dy in the indus­try is like tog­e­ther inte­res­ting I was at events
that time try­ing to can you want to turn your [ _ ] thing off god damn cave man um I was under the impres­si­on that I was gon­na go to AVN’s and that all the girls were gon­na want turn up and [ _ ] and it was gon­na be lit in rea­li­ty it’s like the girls are
working and they have more oppor­tu­nities to get work done at avi­ans than they have any other time during the year so
in rea­li­ty their desi­re to go and drink and do coke and [ _ ] till 6:00 in the morning is pret­ty low becau­se they have to be up at like 8:00 in the morning to go and stand around take pho­tos with a swea­ty [ _ ] yes tha­t’s basi­cal­ly the
gist of it but so obvious­ly that year I was­n’t signing for any com­pa­nies becau­se I had not shot for any com­pa­nies I did a
shoot and we got real­ly stoned after like they were big stoners so we smo­ked a lot of weed and I went down to the
casi­no and like I could­n’t find my Tower like I was just wal­king around the casi­no lost his [ _ ] that sounds kind of fun though just becau­se [ _ ] just wal­king around the casi­no got cool air
tho­se casi­nos you could just brea­the all day yeah so fresh so yeah you were
wal­king out in High City I liter­al­ly wal­ked around twice and I could not find
my Tower and this is why I feel like it was fate becau­se you know if I had­n’t wal­ked around twice I would­n’t have been
stan­ding right the­re and just see­ing you and Leo­nard just like wal­king right towards me and I was like oh [ _ ] like I like you guys you guys are cool keep it up with the vlogs and [ _ ] and then yeah I just mess­aged you and then we were
just like come hang out with us or wha­te­ver well then it was like come hang out and I thought that was real­ly nice cuz I’m like I’m liter­al­ly nobo­dy like
I’m nobo­dy you don’t know me at all you just invi­ted me me oh no no tha­t’s what we do we are here we iden­ti­fy­ing young
new talent yeah you like saw it in me and I remem­ber that night you guys like
pos­ted me and that hel­ped me hit 10k fol­lo­wers on Twit­ter real­ly yeah and I just thought that was so [ _ ] cool I was like you did­n’t need to do that that was real­ly nice wow tha­t’s cra­zy becau­se I never think of [ _ ] like that you know
some­ti­mes I think about it all the time I was thin­king about how 6:9 when he
like I remem­ber see­ing like remem­ber that first pod­cast oh well tha­t’s all thing yeah but no I was gon­na say I
remem­ber like hea­ring some­bo­dy say about six nine like one of his friends say­ing he’s stin­gy with the cloud or he’s
gree­dy with the cloud and I don’t know about six nine and mem­bers just thin­king about it being like damn he’s real­ly inte­res­ting I
never see this [ _ ] tag any­bo­dy and then I was thin­king about how my I tag­ged peop­le all the time I tell you peop­le that don’t even have anything to do with this [ _ ] like and then I was thin­king about it tha­t’s like you know it’s kind of very like tel­ling like to
what extent it but I under­stand it too that it’s like a very big rap­per you don’t want to just go tag­ging every rap­per becau­se then all of a sud­den
you’­re like you know you’­re kind of like wea­ke­n­ing the strength of your shout out you know but then at the same time I
don’t know it’s like for me that tha­t’s whack like if I if I mean a girl in the porn world or wha­te­ver like and we hang
out the­re of cour­se we’­re gon­na want to shut her out right yeah no I total­ly agree and like how we were tal­king
ear­lier about like peop­le who are just real­ly like obses­sed with like social media Klout and all this [ _ ] it’s they’­re the ones I feel like who are very stin­gy with this so-cal­led cloud like what first of all what even is Klout Klout is like when peop­le give a [ _ ] about you right so I feel like like
peop­le giving a [ _ ] about someo­ne else is not gon­na make them give less of a [ _ ] about you right if someo­ne’s your
fan they’­re your fan but you know put­ting other peop­le on is not like detrac­ting from if you feel like it’s
detrac­ting from yourself then tha­t’s a you pro­blem I see so many girls I’m gon­na be honest with you in the adult
star world who are so Pet­ty and jea­l­ous and I get kind of wise becau­se at the
end of the day they see them­sel­ves as in direct com­pe­ti­ti­on with every other girl and like every other girl that loo­ks
like them espe­cial­ly like who’s in the­re like type and that beco­mes this who­le thing whe­re like cer­tain girls will [ _ ] with other girls and like I don’t know I mean honest­ly I appre­cia­te some­bo­dy likes you on a trump who my girl­friend it’s like Mike and she saw how many fol­lo­wers my girl­friend had and just said ooh you’­ve got a man clout I would col­lab with you about it and other peop­le are like oh like do any girls want to col­lab for my snap­chat and then like you get a hund­red girls reply­ing and of cour­se they choo­se the one with the most fol­lo­wers I’m like well yeah it makes sen­se becau­se you know it makes sen­se but it’s just a litt­le shady to me it’s just kind of like obvious and you know it’s like it real­ly makes you you know it’s like you don’t know how peop­le feel about you until they’­re sort of starts to be like a sou­ring of your public image and then you sort of get to like get in peop­le feel com­for­ta­ble publicly sit­ting how they’­ve always felt about you right and like becau­se it’s main­stream it’s the norm you know you know okay we’ll meet like a young rap­per or wha­te­ver and will I go and like do a cou­p­le vide­os with him while he’s pop­ping and peop­le are inte­res­ting and want to talk about him and stuff and then he’ll keep hit­ting me up after like try­ing to meet up on some other [ _ ] but
mean­while like his care­er will have com­ple­te­ly fal­len off and in my head I’m kind of thin­king like [ _ ] like I’m kind of fake becau­se I was try­ing to do vide­os with this dude like when he was pop­ping and then like six mon­ths later he gives a [ _ ] about him and I’m
igno­ring him but I am thin­king tha­t’s what makes me rea­li­ze like I am thin­king about [ _ ] as a [ _ ] video creator
more than I am thin­king of it as being like a friend you know tha­t’s not fake becau­se you just set it out loud but no
I mean it’s almost like if you put someo­ne on and you know pro­mo­te them in
your vide­os and stuff and then they they have the tools to like you know build them­sel­ves up and [ _ ] and then they just let their [ _ ] die it’s like doing a dis­ser­vice to you like why would you want to keep [ _ ] with them if they’­re not even put­ting in the work to build their care­ers sel­fless­ly you know it’s like at the end of the day becau­se I’ve some­ti­mes the­re’s been rap­pers that I’ve done like you know two inter­views when were like wow you know I’ve just done a bunch of [ _ ] with them basi­cal­ly and then they keep wan­ting to do inter­views and it’s kind of like bro
like I’m not giving you an inter­view if you’­re not com­ing to me and Sam that you want to do an inter­view about this this and this becau­se the end of the day I
have a respon­si­bi­li­ty to my fans not to men­ti­on my own time and it’s like I don’t real­ly want to like crea­te con­tent
about you unless other peop­le care you want me to crea­te con­tent for you to flat­ter your ego
I want to make con­tent than my fans are gon­na like and the­se are very dif­fe­rent things I just feel like if peop­le are
gon­na be like hit­ting you up and stuff like asking for things like that they need at least like good talk every we
give top or money­’s always give top but money I just feel like give like give a
rea­son like give you a rea­son to like watch like sell it sell it exact­ly it’s
like when I show up on set for a sce­ne I mean I’m alrea­dy boo­ked but like if I want that com­pa­ny to book me again I
have to sell my image and I have to make them rea­li­ze that hiring me would be
bet­ter for their brand than not hiring me so like your brand is you know no jum­per peop­le they they want to get in
with no jum­per they have not­hing to offer no jum­per and tha­t’s the truth and the fans real­ly is the who­le thing too
it’s like if it was if my job was just to be a nice guy and just pro­mo­te you just becau­se I’m a nice guy then like
okay cool but like tha­t’s not real­ly my job my job is to make vide­os that my fans want to watch and then like you
know ever­ything else fol­lows behind that but at the end of the day it’s like I’m try­ing to make vide­os that peop­le are gon­na actual­ly flick and watch and if you’­re not doing anything that you know
wha­te­ver let me ask you this how did you get into shoo­ting adult films like what
was it like were you always attrac­ted to this they always just stand out to you or some­thing you wan­ted to do okay so befo­re I tur­ned 18 I never thought like
oh I want to do porn I want to do anything I did­n’t think about sex work at all the rea­son I got into sex work
was it’s kind of shady actual­ly but like I met this guy and he like hel­ped me get
into web­ca­ming but he hims­elf was like very shady when you were 18 when I was
done that most­ly becau­se befo­re I tur­ned 18 I did­n’t want to work and I had no rea­son
to work but have you ever heard about girls star­ting a web­cam when they’­re underage and and assuming the [ _ ] out of the peop­le who like faci­li­ta­ted it later on or is this just Orban – I’ve heard obvious­ly web­ca­ming is tough when you’­re camming on a plat­form becau­se they know lis­ten okay they go out of their way to make sure that you’­re 18 you have to like sub­mit your ID you know tha­t’s the big­gest lia­bi­li­ty I’m your [ _ ] per­cent but when it comes to like free­lan­cing and
like just sel­ling nudes and I’m so nudes the pri­va­te game yeah
abscess Peschel e with pri­va­te snap becau­se snap­chat is not con­nec­ted Oh
nope I guess if you do it through like fans sent you or one of tho­se you have to veri­fy your age but if you’­re just
like by my pri­va­te snap­chat like DMA to buy you can be any age one time Lana was get­ting a hug from a [ _ ] ran­dom fan and the girl somehow in the cour­se of like 30 seconds said some­thing about being underage and having a pri­va­te snaps and I was just like I’m gon­na igno­re the part whe­re you just said that I’m gon­na pre­tend I did­n’t hear that becau­se tha­t’s real­ly dis­tur­bing it’s dis­tur­bing and it’s extre­me­ly uncom­for­ta­ble for me becau­se it’s like taking away the legi­ti­ma­cy of sex work for me like every time a girl tha­t’s underage gets into this [ _ ] and acts
like it’s nor­mal you’­re making peop­le think that we’­re a bunch of [ _ ] pedo­phi­les and that were like con­do­ning that [ _ ] and real­ly it’s not it’s not okay like you know once you turn 18 you can do what you want but under that like
just be a kid like just live your life I know that you’­re 20 but it honest­ly
blows my [ _ ] mind that girls are able to do this [ _ ] legal­ly on came­ra for at 18 some­ti­mes two becau­se I’m just
like holy [ _ ] I was­n’t doing porn at 18 I was web­ca­ming from the pri­va­cy of my own home you had the decen­cy to wait till 19 I was­n’t I was­n’t like popu­lar at web­cam II like I was­n’t good my qua­li­ty was [ _ ] and my body and my face and ever­ything was just like you know I
did­n’t have that glow of how did you grow up uhm fil­ler oh real­ly yeah you just got
to fill your face with crap at some point I did­n’t know the­re’s a lot of crap just you know you have to tweak cer­tain litt­le things I have my lips
done anyo­ne who’s seen my ear­lier sce­nes can tell okay pro­bab­ly and I have a
litt­le fil­ler in well I had it under my eyes but that dis­sol­ve well you get the cheeks done okay what the chin I had not
my chin I’ve had fil­ler like here and that was part of like get­ting my under
eyes to like fix the sym­me­try I did­n’t real­ly noti­ce a dif­fe­rence and nobo­dy else real­ly noti­ced a dif­fe­rence but
like it just loo­ked a litt­le more like clea­ner if that makes sen­se like a litt­le more like um
like sym­metri­cal and just it loo­ked good it loo­ks good so the scum­bag guy gets
here inter­web begin­ning yeah and he was a total pie­ce of [ _ ] or just a litt­le bit total pie­ce of [ _ ] but I did­n’t
rea­li­ze that until I alrea­dy stop­ped dealing with him and then I had to like reflect after and be like wow this guy
was a [ _ ] pie­ce of [ _ ] okay um and he did­n’t want me to do pro­fes­sio­nal porn becau­se he he had this
weird idea it’s cal­led like the hor­ror Archy which is like the­re’s so many dif­fe­rent parts of sex whe­re it’s like
this is some­thing he inven­ted no tha­t’s a real turn the hor­ror this is what he belie­ved in like this is how he felt he
out­lined this hor­ror key for me so the­re’s many dif­fe­rent types of sex work the­re’s like web­ca­ming the­re’s porn
the­re’s escor­ting the­re’s strip­ping the­re’s a lot of dif­fe­rent you know pho­ne sex and the hor­ror key is the
belief that cer­tain types of sex work like are bet­ter than others and make you like you know bet­ter or more suc­cess­ful
or wha­te­ver tha­t’s like say­ing basi­cal­ly how he thought is like oh if you do
pou­ring your [ _ ] hor­de becau­se ever­yo­ne’s tou­ch­ing you and you’­re get­ting [ _ ] but if you’­re camming yeah you’­re get­ting naked but at least
nobo­dy’s put­ting their hands on you and you’­re just by yourself you reject this becau­se I feel like this is what a lot of peop­le belie­ve I 100 per­cent reject
that idea and it’s so fal­se and just [ _ ] I just feel like what is it the part that you think is untrue about it I just think like if if you’­re get­ting naked and pos­ting it online or you’­re get­ting make like if you’­re sel­ling sex it does­n’t mat­ter for me like what type of sex it is whe­ther it’s like vir­tu­al sex or like a video or like real-life sex like it does­n’t that I mean ever­y­bo­dy’s got what they’­re com­for­ta­ble with it’s a who­le spec­trum becau­se on one hand like you know some girl might like my girl when she first star­ted she was just doing pri­va­tes now just sit­ting the­re fin­ger and herself and then on the other end of the spec­trum you have you know again the gang­bang done by ten dudes and it’s like some girls are super dad with the gang­bang by ten dudes and they should con­ti­nue to do it by all means some­bo­dy got to do it and then some girls might be hap­py doing may­be some girl likes to you know the most she’ll ever want to do is she just wants to [ _ ] flash a tit­ty on Twit­ter that
tha­t’s whe­re she’s gon­na draw the line tha­t’s okay too wha­t’s cra­zy is that some girls will make the same amount of
money or more fla­shing a tit­ty as the girls that are get­ting gang­ban­ged and one does­n’t make you bet­ter than the
other it’s all just about your hust­le and how you pro­mo­te yourself and your brand you know it’s true one does not
make you bet­ter than the other it’s all rela­ti­ve it’s all why you’­re com­for­ta­ble with I would love for someo­ne to like
exp­lain to me like someo­ne who belie­ves in that [ _ ] what makes a girl that gets [ _ ] on
came­ra like me like les­ser than a girl who does web­ca­ming and their own the
only explana­ti­on that I can think of is that you think that having sex is like bad and that your sex nega­ti­ve which I
don’t agree with right like the­re’s no other explana­ti­on to me it does­n’t make sen­se so tell me how you go from camming
which you claim you weren’t that good at – we’­re get­ting like right into the actu­al apart­ment so it was Sep­tem­ber
more shady and I rea­li­zed like you know I’ve been naked online for about a year
and this is my life and I need to actual­ly take it serious­ly and not be like [ _ ] around with this who knows who this guy isn’t to this day like I don’t know what he’s about like he disap­peared for my life wha­te­ver but so that hap­pen­ed in Sep­tem­ber 2017 and then I went through like a trau­ma­tic I lost a fami­ly mem­ber and then it just made me kind of like reflect on life and I was like what do I want from life like I want to be hap­py and I thought and I was like I want to do con­tent I want to [ _ ] on came­ra but I don’t want to do it
mys­elf I don’t want it to be like on a pho­ne and look ama­teu­rish or some [ _ ] so I was like if I’m gon­na do this I’m gon­na do it like right I’m gon­na just go all out go in so I con­ta­c­ted this agent in Flo­ri­da and he flew me down and then I just star­ted shoo­ting poor and I liter­al­ly haven’t stop­ped real­ly yeah for like 13 mon­ths what was your first one like my first sce­ne yeah it was actual­ly good I feel like if it was bad I think about it some­ti­mes and I’m like if it was a bad expe­ri­ence would I be here right now would I be doing yeah what I do you hear about that some­ti­mes girls do once they’­re over it’s a like some girls I look at their first sce­ne I’m just like I can’t even ima­gi­ne what that expe­ri­ence shoo­ting that was like with just the most ama­teu­rish peop­le with like a came­ra in a hotel some of the­se guys try to like ste­al the girls first anal like they’ll like put it in your butt for like two seconds and then be like we have her first anal that hap­pen­ed to a girl that I saw and she was like real­ly on the come-up like she was gon­na be the next big thing and she kind of fell off wow tha­t’s cra­zy becau­se you hear about you know well like you know dudes will be say­ing [ _ ] like that like oh you know yeah like dudes are like try to
slip it in the butt wait but you’­re say­ing that the the ass won’t be lub­ed up or not­hing and this still jam it in
the­re and then put it out the­re it’s so cra­zy like a lot of peop­le if you’­re not
in the porn indus­try you might not under­stand what it means to like ste­al someo­ne’s first anal per­so­nal­ly rob­bing
them of like up to ten grand but at the end of the day like first in all the­re’s it’s a huge based on what I know of anal
sex yeah you do not want to be sur­pri­sed in any­bo­dy with a dick in the bus is a hor­ri­ble idea I mean look if you did­n’t
like it does even if the girl was okay with it in the moment even if the guy said like oh baby like let me put it in
your butt and she was like hey like wha­te­ver it’s still not okay becau­se you did­n’t talk about it but like when
someo­ne’s having sex they’­re not in like the cor­rect sta­te of mind yeah and I used to be a lot of Lube you need to get
that [ _ ] so I just feel like to ste­al someo­ne’s first anal in that way for their first sce­ne ever it’s just like very very what was the decisi­on like for your first anal like it’s becau­se you could have held out and could still be hol­ding my becau­se you weigh like 90 pounds and you’­re taking dicks in the body peop­le like real­ly big dicks in my butt look I did­n’t like I’ll tell you the sto­ry of how I did my first you know becau­se I was­n’t plan­ning to like do anal any­ti­me soon I was like I said to peop­le I was like oh wait like a year or two years learn what ever and I can’t just imi­ta­te my voice but okay so my agent at the time I told him look I real­ly want to do inter­ra­cial which why becau­se you thought that it was [ _ ] up that the­re’s a stig­ma around it well becau­se I think tha­t’s
becau­se I think it’s [ _ ] up but also I just wan­ted to I did­n’t want to like restrict mys­elf I was like I want to do sce­nes with all peop­le of all races not just like white guys and then like beat around the bush like dicks are too big like no I wan­ted to [ _ ] black guys so I
told my agent I was like I want to do my fur all the black guys out the­re like I
want to put this out here that I don’t like pre­fer [ _ ] any spe­ci­fic race over the others I think like it depends on the per­son and the color of the dick does­n’t necessa­ry color of the per­son does­n’t dic­ta­te like their pipe skills but so you’­ve never been [ _ ] a black guy and just look down and you’­re like damn that thing real­ly does look like the egg­plant emo­ji but some­ti­mes I feel
like black things can look kind of pur­p­le some are real­ly [ _ ] big like I’m not gon­na like watch porn that I’d bet like so you got to do some­thing about that that thing is like a [ _ ] bazoo­ka egg­plant emo­ji is dread see with
dread real­ly becau­se his is even like cur­ved a litt­le like how that was it like fat­ter on the bot­tom like that so I
told my agent I was like look I want to do like I want to do inter­ra­cial sce­nes I want to do my first wha­te­ver cul­tu­re
yeah I did­n’t even care if it was like a big first I was like I just want to do it and he was like oh well you’­re gon­na
want to do it for black comm so you should wait and I’m like I don’t want to wait like you don’t under­stand I don’t
hear about did­n’t man do it so he hit me up one day and he was like I have a
pro­po­si­ti­on for you so the com­pa­ny mile-high which is a well-known porn com­pa­ny that has a lot of good sites
they said they wan­ted to do my first anal for a site cal­led hard X which is a
real­ly good gon­zo porn site and they said if I do that they will do like a a joint deal to also do my first
inter­ra­cial sce­ne on their site cal­led dark X which is like you know porn is
racist so I was like I mean I was­n’t plan­ning to do anal but [ _ ] it like I’ve done anal twice in my life I’ll just do it and if I in your casu­al your wife and did you like it when you did it casual­ly I I did­n’t like it but I did­n’t dis­li­ke you know it was pos­si­ble yeah I’ve tried to do girls in the pub befo­re i was like this is impos­si­ble yeah one of tho­se it’s actual­ly the guy that I did it with he was­n’t like small it was­n’t like he was like a four inch [ _ ] it was like you know it was like 7 or 8 inches and ever­y­bo­dy at home a 4
inch [ _ ] is like what the [ _ ] bro all the black guys befo­re inch dicks were like I was total­ly down until you said
the thing was a 4‑inch dick so you know I knew I could do it and I was just like
let me just do it and may­be I’ll like anal and if not I’ll just have my first
and then I can do it again if I ever want to in the future I was like [ _ ] all I cared about was the dark axi­on mmm I wan­ted to do my first inter­ra­cial but that was just so important to you it was important becau­se the­re’s so many yum­my black men in our indus­try that I wan­ted to work with yeah I was like look I’m not gon­na wait like two years to work with some it like for what rea­son I’m gon­na help my care­er do me you know the­se cool dudes real­ly sor­ry I can’t be any it’s it’s extre­me­ly awk­ward to be like I can’t [ _ ] you on came­ra becau­se
I don’t [ _ ] men of your race it’s dis­gus­ting and I would never I never wan­ted to do that well did­n’t you props for that becau­se I think any girl who sort of like gets that out of the way is in a good place alt­hough I don’t know may­be tha­t’s just gon­na crea­te more of a mar­ket for girls who don’t know defi­ni­te­ly but the who­le racial aspect of it makes a lot of peop­le like whe­re do you think that the fans are racist or do you think that this is actual­ly just some­thing that the porn com­pa­nies have sort of thought up is that they think that the fans real­ly care about that or is it just like you know what it is I think is that it’s like [ _ ] white
guys is like play­ing the video game on level medi­um or wha­te­ver and then all of a sud­den you’­re on expert mode when you
get this like [ _ ] 14-inch giant egg­plant dick I defi­ni­te­ly feel like I feel like it took an addi­tio­nal Chadha the fans of the inter­ra­cial gen­re are white dudes who just they just enjoy the aspect of a white girl they like the color con­trast which like I don’t want to talk about this any­mo­re the who­le racial that is inte­res­ting is inte­res­ting I mean the color con­trast yeah it’s a huge part of it I could see aes­the­ti­cal­ly how that would mean some­thing even regard­less of the mea­ning of like race in socie­ty I think blacks calm was like a huge deal when it first came out they bran­ded them­sel­ves that first class like clas­sy IR porn site that real­ly like in a beau­ti­ful way visual­ly empha­si­zed like the dif­fe­rence in skin tone so your first IR sce­ne went off without a hitch lis­ten this is what hap­pen­ed so I did my first anal that came first they did­n’t even sche­du­le the inter­ra­cial sce­ne yet so I did the anal sce­ne it was with Mick blue gre­at ama­zing I I could­n’t belie­ve how easy it was for me I was like tha­t’s what I was like I just like it just went in it did­n’t hurt ever­ything that you hear bad about anal just did­n’t hap­pen and I was just like what does this mean I need to do more anal to like figu­re out what this means becau­se it felt too easy I was like this is weird like why was my fla­ke my first anal in over a year it was just not dif­fi­cult for me mean­while I’m wai­t­ing for them to like book the IRC and I’m like when is it hap­pe­ning tha­t’s the who­le rea­son I did this [ _ ] thing and they never boo­ked it mean­while my agents like do you want
to shoot for black and I was like yeah so I shot for black I reg­ret doing that
sce­ne at the time that I did it becau­se it the guy that I worked with first of
all I feel like if I had wai­ted like a cou­p­le more mon­ths I would have been a much bet­ter per­for­mer and I would have
had my dark hair which I feel like is a bet­ter look real­ly becau­se you’­re a blon­de when I first was yeah light
blon­de and the priests and I worked with was just a [ _ ] ass real­ly and [ _ ] per­for­mer yeah real­ly [ _ ] like I could­n’t but and his dick was actual­ly the big­gest dick in port like ever Wow yeah and what was he doing wrong well I mean I’m not gon­na say like he just would­n’t he could­n’t get hard which is like I under­stand if you have that hea­vy of a penis like it’s you can’t you can’t defy gra­vi­ty right tha­t’s a lot of blood it’s gon­na take the film at the same time it’s like you have to try you know you have to give me some­thing it’s like he you know how the per­for­mers are sup­po­sed to give like 50/50 and meet in the midd­le I felt like I was giving 200% and he was giving like nega­ti­ve like a thousand Wow but it was your first time he’d been doing that but he’s doing the game for a while tha­t’s not true oh it was actual­ly not in the game he was a cop I’m not gon­na say his name anyo­ne with basic typ­ing skills figu­re out who he is by going on the site but he was a con­tract per­for­mer for them I guess becau­se of his huge deck and he just was not a good per­for­mer he did­n’t like the­re’s so many aspects to being a good male per­for­mer but it’s important to like try to like form some type of che­mi­stry you know tha­t’s what makes the sce­ne good and you know he just was one of the plug just wal­ked in it in her work­out clothes she’s so hot oh my god he was just giving me not­hing like he was giving me not­hing and it was like like what am i I was so ner­vous cuz the­re was a you know it’s a big deal it’s a big set it’s an important com­pa­ny and this dude it’s like the cha­rac­ter he was play­ing my cha­rac­ter it was like a girl tha­t’s like in love with this rap­per and I final­ly get the oppor­tu­ni­ty to meet him and he was liter­al­ly acting like he was like some famous rap­per like he was stan­ding off in the cor­ner like loo­king in the mir­ror like not even he did­n’t even talk to me we did­n’t speak until like we actual­ly never spo­ke he just like wal­ked over in the sce­ne star­ted would you throw this idea out here recent­ly I inter­view­ed Ali­na Lopez and she was tal­king about I belie­ve it was her she was tal­king about how she was doing a sce­ne with a guy he could­n’t get her so she pro­cee­ded to eat his ass for a half hour and while she was doing that she was tex­ting her boy­friend yeah was that an opti­on any sort of like emer­gen­cy but eating to save the day his back is becau­se poor for the record is the only place whe­re that could make any kind of sen­se like the­re’s no way that I’m gon­na be like yo Jason um I got this inter­view and I real­ly just don’t feel like I’m gon­na be able to get through it the­re’s any way you could like no it was not an opti­on it just was­n’t an opti­on hmm it just was­n’t becau­se you the­re was was just nobo­dy sug­gested that Jane may­be you should go scam­per on over give her a rim job for a half hour no it seems like him not being hard was like the norm like they were used to it and you’­re just sup­po­sed to like make do becau­se his do I have to like his dick is so big that even like flac­cid if you can even use that word it’s still like extre­me­ly gir­thy and like 10 inches long see tha­t’s an inte­res­ting thing right the­re becau­se it sounds like the equi­va­lent of like I don’t know if you ever see it that the­re’s like bas­ket­ball play­ers will get into bas­ket­ball they’­re gigan­tic mons­trous freaks they’­re so tall so like their actu­al phy­si­cal attri­bu­tes on paper it’s like yo this dude’s gon­na be them one but then in rea­li­ty they just don’t real­ly have much ath­le­ti­cism they can’t move they’­re not fast so then then they end up being ter­ri­ble is are you say­ing that this type of dude falls into the cate­go­ry of a guy who’s got us okay but then the rest of it does­n’t real­ly align with the met with the wea­pon­ry I knew what ana­lo­gy you were making befo­re you even finis­hed it I like what I said about the bas­ket­ball play­er and I don’t know any with that tha­t’s liter­al­ly exact­ly how it was it’s like you have some­thing so spe­cial about you which is that you have such a huge dick that peop­le real­ly want to see you [ _ ] like tiny girls and you just can’t can i speak can­did­ly about you can
do Len­na and i’s past expe­ri­en­ces right and i just want to throw this out the­re
that you had a sort of a pecu­li­ar quirk in terms of you sexu­al­ly but that then
when i found out that you are appar­ent­ly now super famous for taking huge dicks in the house i was even a litt­le bit was
the just that okay i was having a hard time get­ting my dick in your vagi­na oh it’s so tight it was real­ly tight and
then you went and you got this magi­cal hemp loop and all of a sud­den that [ _ ] was just hit­ting tha­t’s that was it was inte­res­ting to me in Lon­don becau­se we don’t have like a magi­cal Lube that we chan­ged ever­ything it was like night and day well okay I’ll speak can­did­ly about mys­elf is that my vagi­na it does­n’t get it requi­res hemp it does­n’t some­ti­mes I don’t even use that loop any­mo­re honest­ly I use not that par­ti­cu­lar one but my vagi­na one it’s extre­me­ly tight almost like I’ve no abnor­mal­ly tight and it is real­ly dry does it yeah like I’m gon­na be open right now and a lot of girls deal with this issue whe­re we just like for wha­te­ver rea­son you just don’t natu­ral­ly get wet and like it sucks becau­se some guys just want to like sho­ve it in the­re and I’m like you can’t like you and tha­t’s tha­t’s inte­res­ting becau­se some girls are like soa­king wet just on their own accord without cry­ing this is true look yes I have a dis­ad­van­ta­ge and some guys think like Oh a tight pus­sy’s like the best it’s it’s tough some­ti­mes like some with the­se pou­ring guys some of them have real­ly big dicks and it’s just dif­fi­cult some­ti­mes to do vagi­nal sce­nes but anal sce­nes just come natu­ral so ani­mals easier for you if you were gon­na have to [ _ ] up in 12 inches gigan­tic egg­plant [ _ ] as we’­ve been describ­ing you would rather have it in your butt than your vagi­na yeah well I would do both just so one does­n’t get too used up too late okay when I’m doing a sce­ne sce­nes are usual­ly like 40 minu­tes of like hard­core action well no I’ll say like 30 becau­se it’s not coun­ting like oral and stuff but the­re’s a cer­tain point during the sce­ne or like when the sce­ne is about to be over whe­re I’m like I check out my body checks out I’m like okay you know the­re’s two minu­tes left and I’m gon­na deal with this two minu­tes but I know I’m no lon­ger enjoy­ing mys­elf and this hurts and I need to go reco­ver like I’m alrea­dy in reco­vering mode so you know the­re’s only a cer­tain amount of poun­ding I can take in my vagi­na until I have to go in reco­very mode but my ass it’s not like that real­ly so you could­n’t see yourself going and doing like a hund­red guy gang­bang no not in the [ _ ] but in the butt may­be would work that is asto­un­ding the­re’s a site
tha­t’s like gang­bang [ _ ] whe­re it’s only a vagi­nal gang so tha­t’s like [Laugh­ter] after like 30 cream pies some­bo­dy’s gon­na remem­ber the name of this woman that I for­get but back in the day on the Howard Stern Show I remem­ber he had this woman was it Hous­ton some­thing shes­he did 600 guys in a gang­bang how I don’t even get how tha­t’s like pos­si­ble I think she was jer­king someo­ne off with her hand giving head to some voom but it was like six or seven hund­red or wha­te­ver howe­ver man what do you mean six hund­red like how do you fit that many peop­le in a room I don’t think they were all in the room at the same time I think that the­re was a big line I con­si­der that more like a train than a gang­bang I feel like a gang­bang is when ever­y­bo­dy is con­stant­ly enga­ging tog­e­ther you’­re right becau­se 600 peop­le is a lot to have in one gear I feel like if you’­re just like in a long line and you’­re just giving like a pump or two and then lea­ving tha­t’s like run­ning a train but what about like the Hells Angels tha­t’s a who­le gang and they’­ve thousands of mem­bers to [ _ ] every mem­ber of a gang would be super lit yeah
think about that you’­re get­ting gang­ban­ged you’­re just like okay I’m
gon­na do that are you real­ly yeah is that some­thing they’­re wai­t­ing for a litt­le bit for the gang­bang I’m not I
did­n’t wait for anal and I’m so hap­py now that I did­n’t becau­se I I genui­nely not just for my care­er but I genui­nely
love it like I look for­ward to it I I don’t think like porn anal is just such
a good expe­ri­ence like it’s just so fun for me more Natal but have you still not
real­ly done much in your pri­va­te life sin­ce you don’t have a pri­va­te sex life I have like just once in a while if I
have like two days off I like [ _ ] someo­ne but no so it’s becau­se you’­re taking some­bo­dy’s dick on set that you just lear­ned real­ly as inte­res­ted as peop­le would assu­me I’m not that I’m not inte­res­ted and also that I phy­si­cal­ly like I need to reco­ver you know I need that time to rest and heal what kind of porn star you like what dri­ves you to actual­ly be in the game becau­se some peop­le get into it just becau­se they just want to [ _ ] a lot some­thing some
girls just strai­ght hust­lers some girls or I don’t know they just want to expe­ri­ment get fre­aky I feel like some girls are doing more like an art pro­ject
you want to crea­te this like por­no­gra­phic super­he­ro yeah my
moti­va­ti­on for porn is it’s a cou­p­le things it’s not just like one thing that
dri­ves me but the main thing would be to build some­thing for mys­elf like build a
care­er and a life for mys­elf of some­thing that I enjoy and that I’m good at becau­se like dude befo­re porn I mean
I know I was only like 18 befo­re for a night it’s not that long of a life but
child­hood or not­hing I never had anything that I was real­ly good at and
that I real­ly enjoy like I was never that good at sports I could­n’t dance I was­n’t good at art it was just always
that dis­con­nect a fee­ling like when is it gon­na be my turn to like find my pas­si­on that I’m actual­ly real­ly [ _ ] good at did you feel like you had to get over like this hump this hurd­le of fee­ling like a [ _ ] becau­se I feel like you know like was the­re ever a point in
your like high school life whe­re you’­re like you know what I want to [ _ ] the­se two guys in this clo­set in class but I’m not gon­na becau­se then I’m gon­na feel like a [ _ ] but then I’m gon­na get into porn and becau­se then I can [ _ ] the­se two dudes in the clo­set and tha­t’s con­si­de­red work well yeah I kind of like towards the end of high school I was like a litt­le asha­med becau­se I had­n’t ful­ly like come to terms with like my sexua­li­ty not just like who I lik­ed but like what I like to do and I’m very like open sexu­al­ly now but in high school I just was­n’t becau­se it was­n’t accep­ta­ble like the­re’s this one girl in high school that was a [ _ ] that we would all like [ _ ] rag on her and [ _ ] and I
don’t I think about it now and I’m like first of all she was­n’t even a [ _ ] like the­re was no evi­dence that she ever did anything [ _ ] and second the­re’s no rea­son to like hate on her and [ _ ] and I think about it I’m just like I was [ _ ] a lot of dudes in high school just becau­se like it was just easier
than buil­ding some­thing with one per­son does that make sen­se no yeah all right but also when you’­re youn­ger it’s like tha­t’s when you want
to [ _ ] figu­re out what you’­re into but you’­re doing ever­ything you can I mean befo­re I had sex I was like oh I’m gon­na like have a boy­friend and like lose my vir­gini­ty in a roman­tic way and then I just rea­li­zed tha­t’s not rea­listic and I just wan­ted to start [ _ ] right so I just [ _ ] and then I just star­ted [ _ ] like tha­t’s just
how it was but I defi­ni­te­ly it took a litt­le bit of time to like ful­ly be like
com­ple­te­ly com­for­ta­ble with being a [ _ ] and a [ _ ] a [ _ ] yeah what do you mean when you said that um I con­si­der a [ _ ] to be a [ _ ] that for money so whe­ther it be you do porn or you’­re an escort or wha­te­ver if you [ _ ] for money you’­re a [ _ ] but I want to take away like the nega­ti­ve like asso­cia­ti­on with that like just some peop­le it pro­bab­ly sounds stu­pid you’­re like well a [ _ ] is the bad thing and I’m like why why don’t why I’m sure
becau­se it’s dero­ga­to­ry like it does­n’t have to be a bad thing you know like it just is a fact it’s like and I con­si­der
a [ _ ] to be someo­ne who just you know love sex and loves having sex and is open about it and does­n’t you know feel con­fi­ned by like what peop­le think about you defi­ni­te­ly I con­si­der mys­elf to be a [ _ ] yeah tha­t’s cool reap­pro­pria­ti­on total­ly and peop­le can think wha­te­ver
they want about it but it’s about how I feel about mys­elf and in order for me to be hap­py with mys­elf I had to rec­laim
some of the­se nega­ti­ve terms what do you get the most joy out of shoo­ting and what do you want to shoot in the future
that you think is gon­na be exci­ting for you well I real­ly like you know sce­nes obvious­ly becau­se it feels good and I
like sce­nes whe­re I get to like dress real­ly like fun and eit­her sexy or just
like color­ful and cra­zy so cer­tain direc­tors are real­ly into that stuff um but in terms of like sce­ne con­tent I
like anal and I like group sce­nes so I like sce­nes with like more than one per­son like whe­ther it’s a wha­t’s the
most peop­le you ever did on came­ra I’ve only had sce­nes with two guys okay but you know this year I might want to do
one with three and then even­tual­ly I’ll work my way up to a gang­bang like it is some­thing that I think about con­stant­ly
and tha­t’s how I know that it’s good for me to do and like I’m not thin­king about
it in terms of like a care­er way like oh I need a weight this amount of time to do this act and like this amount of
money like I just think like I want to get gang­ban­ged just so bad and tha­t’s
how I know that like it will be the right choice for me becau­se I can’t stop thin­king about it what is the vibe like when you do you
think from your per­spec­ti­ve wit­hin the gang­bang though is it like are you just like a friends at ease five six seven
guys are you just like are you guys all just thro­wing down or it like a team vibe whe­re they’­re all like high-fiving and [ _ ] and you’­re just sort of over in the cor­ner I’m I try to be on set at least like social you know to like I said you know that che­mi­stry is kind of impe­ra­ti­ve to the sce­ne so even if the­re’s like zero che­mi­stry it hel­ps to like talk to the per­son and at least you know get like a vibe going it if the­re’s no che­mi­stry you have to work real­ly real­ly hard to like make some arti­fi­cial che­mi­stry some­ti­mes it’s just natu­ral­ly the­re but I’ve never done a gang­bang but I feel like the vibe is like depen­ding who the guys are you’­re kind of like gro­wing it until you’­re just not and then it’s and then you’­re gro­wing it after­ward do you think that they’­re con­cer­ned about their balls tou­ch­ing mmm cer­tain guys are and they don’t do gang­bangs or they’­re not they don’t do the DP thing yeah for me I don’t think I would care that much what the balls touched I just feel like you’­re you should­n’t be thin­king about that like if you’­re thin­king about oh [ _ ] my balls are tou­ch­ing this guy’s balls like your dicks gon­na get soft yeah like you don’t think about how you
just think well I’m balls deep in this bit­ch’s ass and she’s get­ting [ _ ] by ano­t­her guy she’s such a [ _ ] like this
is so hot well when you put it like that does some­thing tha­t’s what you should do
like see actual­ly tha­t’s what my pro­blem is is that if I think too much about
what I’m actual­ly doing I’m just gon­na nut in like 30 seconds I’m try­ing to like on one hand I’m like boun­cing back
and forth becau­se on one hand I’m thin­king like wow I got two girls suck­ing my dick this is tight look at
their faces full of my deck and then ano­t­her part of me is thin­king like golf Red­book
maga­zi­ne yep Bet­ter Homes and Gar­dens like anything to just try to stop
thin­king about how hot wha­t’s actual­ly taking place is and that can be hard but you know what my num­ber one thing I’ve
rea­li­zed my num­ber one trick to not bust when you’­re try­ing to go for a while and not bust a chan­ge posi­ti­ons becau­se if
you’­re chan­ging posi­ti­ons that gives you a win­dow of like 30 seconds whe­re you’­re moving around and stuff but then the
num­ber one thing I think is you need to hit some kind of weird posi­ti­on like becau­se if
your legs are in like a stran­ge posi­ti­on and she and it’s weight it’s har­der for
the blood to get to your dick when you’­re stan­ding up or when you have are in some kind of weird Crouch or wha­te­ver
it’s way har­der than nut it makes sen­se becau­se the way I think about it is like if you think about it like a medi­cal
this is a simi­le not a meta­phor but wha­te­ver pro­blems you for knowing that becau­se I’ve never real­ly wrap my head around the you had a Ken­dra kind of
spray was in here the other day all smart and [ _ ] that was kind of inten­se just a litt­le sur­pri­sing I was like Chi­le­ans thank you no noti­ce Emi­ly isn’t I still don’t for­get it’s been a while she was like or she knows right thank you so I see it like like like a [ _ ]
what is the [ _ ] word it loo­ks like you’­re drawing a dick you’­re going not a count­down like what am I thin­king leper colo­ny know I feel stu­pid right now it’s like [ _ ] wha­te­ver some­thing whe­re it
spills over the top you know a bucket a bucket okay tha­t’s not thin­king a bucket the who­le time I was­n’t thin­king of a
bucket we can use bucket that works bucket bucket okay good tha­t’s real­ly
fun [ _ ] it that was fun­ny Adam so I see it like you’­re you’­re con­stant­ly like flush this is the nut right and it’s like you’­re con­stant­ly fluc­tua­ting and I just get hig­her and hig­her and swit­ching posi­ti­ons brings it back lower ins­tead of it like being so high and tho­se knocks it back down to like level one yeah okay tha­t’s I don’t know why that was so hard to get out no but I feel you for sure and tha­t’s how you if you are like during the part like you know after you’­ve been ban­ging for a while then you like all of a sud­den it’s like if you nut it’s okay but you know if you don’t want to know that becae you know it and tha­t’s a real pro­blem though and tha­t’s the pro­blem like with my girl­friend with other girls or some­thing the pas­ses that as you start to get clo­ser to them and net­ting it just be able to so much more likely they your orgo­ni­te becau­se all of a sud­den like girl from back in the day and she would never be able to nut from me [ _ ] her and we would like we were had been
tog­e­ther for like you know may­be a mon­th two mon­ths and like she star­ted to like get more and more com­for­ta­ble with me she’s like I could tell him like I’m
gon­na nut with you like finis­hed she was­n’t say­ing not­hing so I’m gon­na come with like while you’­re having sex with
me soon but we kept it out on the pro­blem whe­re I would be sawing away and then her orgasms were the­se like 20
minu­tes affairs whe­re her vagi­na would just be drag­ged her just clam­ping down on my dick and I never made it through
the full orgasm thing without bus­ting a nut and I would try to just keep going and [ _ ] and it was it was dif­fi­cult yeah you want to keep ban­ging her with your soft day but I wore con­doms with this girl too so that was once the nut is in the con­dom the encoun­ter is over tha­t’s how you feel tha­t’s how I feel why I just feel like like tha­t’s weird it’s just a blan­ket it’s like covering like it’s on the dick like the shaft like I don’t want to touch it any­mo­re I work on them rin­se it off in the sink put it back on yeah bare­ly use them and it’s very irre­spon­si­ble with me no no we had a girl in this pod­cast the other day yeah she was all tal­king about being a [ _ ] she was tal­king about how she [ _ ] dudes for a thousand bucks I she was [ _ ] guys in the strip club brah brah and then I said some­thing about wea­ring
a con­dom and she goes oh no we don’t [ _ ] with con­doms I’m like tha­t’s just made ever­ything else you just said so much more nas­ty some­thing to brag about if you’­re not in the porn indus­try and you don’t use con­doms and you don’t get tes­ted the [ _ ] are you doing with your life I’m sure she gets tes­ted every like 2 or 3 years not ever­yo­ne’s gon­na get
tes­ted every two weeks but we have to cuz it’s part of our care­er but you have to we us not tog­e­ther we’ll go tog­e­ther
some­ti­mes yeah sir q what I was gon­na say that you reminds me of is that com­ing tog­e­ther
I’ve never done this with a man but I hear it’s a very good expe­ri­ence very
dif­fi­cult timing-wise allows me to throw out my who­le life that is always girls fake it too so you never know when she’s
actual­ly yeah I don’t belie­ve no you can know like some of the­se girls like in
porn I see the orgasms and I’m just like are you even try­ing it to be rea­listic and
that makes me think like have you ever had a real orgasm becau­se if you have you would know how to fake it bet­ter
like it does­n’t look attrac­ti­ve right like when I come at home with my vibra­tor I think I’m like thank god
the­re’s no came­ra I’m gon­na face right now cuz I look like der­an­ged it’s not hot no I’m like my eyes are cros­sed and
I’m like clen­ching I’m like I don’t have lips well tha­t’s kind of the style though yeah I mean some peop­le like I
was watching this one porn up video of it was like a DP on black and this guy
he caught one of the top comments was like oh at 11 wha­te­ver at the time he
was like she says dad­dy I’m com­ing if that was fake then she deser­ves an Oscar and I was like okay you know let me go
see let me go see this orgasm and she was like it was like the wea­kest like Oh dad­dy I’m com­ing right and I was like
tha­t’s what you think is a real orgasm like so real that you would give her an Oscar I’m like you stu­pid inter­net
comments or what you think I’m just kid­ding but like that makes me think that a lot of peop­le don’t know how to
like fake an orgasm real­ly well I just want to put in one request for you as well as for all our fans out the­re
becau­se lis­ten I have done some inter­views with porn girls and then I
just was fin­ding out about this from Lana the other day but basi­cal­ly like at least one porn girl that we inter­view­ed
told Lana that like every time some­bo­dy tells her how they beca­me a fan of her
is from no jum­per so I just real­ly want I was one of such sewing tho­se seeds right away right now if you start to
beco­me a Jane fan from this I just am asking that you like con­stant­ly remind her so that she can then in the future
give us an accu­ra­te repor­ting of how much of an impact has had on you and then I would be invoi­cing you for
tho­se fol­lo­wers that $10 per fol­lo­wers what I will say is that my ori­gi­nal like my first like jump in like fol­lo­wers on
social media was after like han­ging out with you guys tha­t’s very nice it’s awe­so­me yeah and I
real­ly like I appre­cia­te it that you guys were like I just inven­ted the idea of us being able to crea­te the next
adult stuff not crea­te but to help expo­se I mean but yeah an inter­view can
only take you so far I do agree but when it aligns well like Ale­na she said that
she got a lot of peop­le loo­king at her stuff and like tel­ling her is that right but she’s super pret­ty and like seems
like she would pro­bab­ly be blowing up the other way so it’s like it is it’s dope but like someo­ne like her or Gia com­ing and doing the pod­cast I think
this will help your your sweet tooth becau­se you actual­ly are cool and I think like for a lot of peop­le I think
they watch a pod­cast with a girl and then it all of a sud­den beco­mes like I [ _ ] with her and I feel like I know her so now I’m gon­na jerk off to her becau­se like if you go to every sin­gle girl on the­re you don’t know anything not you but the average dude does you do not know anything about them and if you went out the­re and tried to find out about them you’­re not real­ly gon­na find anything unless you like unless like some per­sons remem­ber how may­be an inter­view out the­re or some­thing but that was part of what made me want to inter­view porn shows in the first place is I was like dude all the­se inter­views are ter­ri­ble like I’m watching like a most basic [ _ ] like
how­’d you get into porn what do you like about porn wha­t’s your favo­ri­te sce­ne that you’­ve done doing or a lot of times
it’s like do you like it you know it’s like just like strai­ght horn­ball con­tent
which is cool but I mean I don’t know as long as I get a litt­le deeper I get when you asked me to come here I was hyped to
come not becau­se they thought that like it would blow me up more but becau­se I was actual­ly exci­ted to like sit down
and like have a can­did inte­res­ting con­ver­sa­ti­on that just kind of flowed I think it worked I think we had a good
con­ver­sa­ti­on is the­re anything else that stands out she was like this inter­view would be like fun­da­ment­al­ly fla­wed if we
don’t dis­cuss this no I just
like Dixon my but I think what I’m
try­ing to say is I feel like we need to we need to do a [ _ ] a fan con­test but like through this somehow don’t you think I could­n’t par­ti­ci­pa­te you’­re off you’­re not in the [ _ ] fan cate­go­ry why not it’s just not my thing I respect other
girls who want to do it and I’m sure they make a [ _ ] ton of money and they make one lucky fans who­le life but it’s just not anything I belie­ve we’­re all we’­re try­ing to figu­re out we were tal­king about this but we’­re try­ing to orga­ni­ze a fist of Fan­ning con­test Vis­ta fans or a fan will actual­ly get fis­ted by you wea­ring a rub­ber glove yes I would but I want him to come pre-gre­a­sed I don’t want you to have to go through a who­le lot to get the butt all war­med up I want them to come in like alrea­dy like rea­dy they need like warm up and like sticks and fin­gers in the­re put some oil in yeah and then stand in line out­side the store and say you’­re rea­dy in ano­t­her youni­ver­se if you like set up a con­trast not even a con­test but just like an oppor­tu­ni­ty and be like um – note like awe­so­me [ _ ] today and get fis­ted by Len­na the plug like what how many men do you actual­ly
like rea­listi­cal­ly think would do it how many we are viewing right now 3,500 pro­bab­ly all of them ever­y­bo­dy else who
sees it after­wards nobo­dy the thing is you’­re get­ting fis­ted I don’t want to
know what per­cen­ta­ge of my fans are into get­ting fis­ted you know like I just I’m
just gon­na fall back yeah I don’t need to know that yeah fis­ting is like an extre­me sex act like i never got fis­ted
until like recent­ly like extre­me­ly recent­ly and it was in your vagi­na i okay I’ve never got­ten like a full like
up – how deep did they get also shut it – you for having two shiny scrun­chies to
the scrun­chie squad tha­t’s Len his litt­le gang yeah okay wit­hin my [ _ ] I pro­bab­ly got it like up to here but it’s real­ly tough to get it like past the­se like pro­tru­ding knuck­les um but in my butt I just fis­ted my the other day and may­be like a week to the wrist yeah to the [ _ ] race Wow I
had never done that befo­re cuz like I had gone like up to here in my butt and
then it just slip­ped in never knew that
I could you know you had that kind of butt­ho­le but the­re’s all kinds of women on earth that have no idea that their
butt­ho­le is capa­ble of that it’s the cra­zi­est [ _ ] like trip­py [ _ ] to me
the amount of things that I had no idea that I was capa­ble of like and like
peop­le could anal its­elf is a feat but like gaping I did­n’t know anything about
gaping I did­n’t know it was a who­le like cate­go­ry that peop­le like jerk off to do
go send me some links to your gape shots cuz I’d like to check that out see what it’s hit­ting for go to my pin tweet on
my Twit­ter real Twit­ter is Jane Wil­de xxx if you go to my pin tweet you’ll know exact­ly what I’m tal­king about
Wow so I’ll just put that out the­re and it’s just cool to dis­co­ver new things about my body every day but you deep I
can Gabe I con­fess I can’t squirt though I can squirt if someo­ne’s like for­cing
it I’ve never tried to go bey­ond two fin­gers with my girl­friend do you think I’m vanil­la in the [ _ ] it just does­n’t like to me I go two fin­gers and then it’s like okay tha­t’s like pret­ty clo­se to as wide as my dick let’s go for the Dyck­man three I don’t know let me see that don’t point the came­ra at all Jane oh tha­t’s that dread guy that dig is I thought I knew what was going on with dicks but that is some next-level [ _ ] holy cow it’s the came­ra ang­le a
litt­le bit it’s also like huge you’­re trig­ge­ring me if I haven’t not even oh
no I was thin­king that too that the came­ra seems like it’s like right at the base of the dick so you’­re see­ing it from this cra­zy it’s pret­ty big
that was asto­nis­hing yeah and like what
you were asking a ques­ti­on you asked me befo­re it was like what is like my moti­va­ti­on or my dri­ve
and I said well what I was gon­na say is I said buil­ding some­thing for mys­elf but
it’s also like you know I [ _ ] with my fans like I wan­na I know what they like I want to put stuff out the­re that they’­re gon­na enjoy watching like I don’t want to put out any medi­o­c­re [ _ ] sce­nes that are not enjoya­ble
to watch do you think your fans are gon­na real­ly want to see you do anal with a regu­lar-sized dick with an atom
the chat to real­ly like actual­ly I know you know what Twit­ter is Jane Wil­de with
an he and then xxx and I want to just hear your thoughts about that becau­se I’m gon­na I’m not
loo­king at the chat right now but I’m gon­na be able to view the chat when I rewat­ched this and I just want to see their reac­tions to that I just feel like
the ans­wer is yes they want to see all types of varie­ty with sce­nes I actual­ly
like I was loo­king at a forum that I have peop­le talk about like my sce­nes
and stuff and I pos­ted about the Dredd sce­ne and someo­ne was like am I the only one who pre­fers to see a guy bought a
regu­lar-sized dick balls-deep ins­tead of the tip of a huge [ _ ] and I was like you’­re not the only one but but is that is that the deal is that like you’­re yeah you’­re ban­ging like the big­gest dick ever but you’­re not real­ly ban­ging that big of a per­cen­ta­ge of it I would say that pro­bab­ly half of it was that thing loo­ks like it would pro­bab­ly stop right about here you can’t get balls deep becau­se the­re’s a wall and it the wall is right the wall whe­re’s the wall and you know I have no idea and I’m sca­red I want to go that deep becau­se average dick like mys­elf I feel like I’ve hit the wall but it’s very rare it’s like very long and I’m just not long enough some girls are more shal­low than others as well and your cer­vix or your ass or wha­te­ver but the­re’s an ass wall – yep tha­t’s what I was tal­king about you’­re right that was real­ly have no idea whe­re it is was actual­ly sea­wall I can feel it some­ti­mes if I go real­ly deep wow it’s gre­at it’s so cra­zy I’m dis­co­vering things about my body I’m just like holy [ _ ] Ale­xa play came­ra and bot­tom of the
[ _ ] hole is the bot­tom of the [ _ ]
hole but the [ _ ] walls or some [ _ ] it’s sam­pled it’s sam­pled this like
[ _ ] woman who went viral for tal­king about sex back in the day and I can’t remem­ber the exact refe­rence but I’m gon­na have to look into it becau­se it was [ _ ] hil­arious I just like I saw a clip and I saw when
I was youn­ger too but I just recent­ly saw it again it was like this I don’t know they were Asi­an I don’t know what type
of Asi­an but it was the­se guys and this woman and they were like hol­ding her legs open and the guy’s head was like
cove­r­ed in like oil and he put his ent­i­re head insi­de of her [ _ ] [ _ ]
goals what about if you got to that
point you found the guy with the per­fect small head in the butt I was like his
who­le head in the butt ima­gi­ne him having to be like no no cuz you’d have
to get it would just be like here it would be like a bowl cut but then your ass is the bowl my butt does­n’t stink
I’m pret­ty sure I don’t know if you go that deep once and like you’­re good in the­re you’­re gon­na find all the stuff
tha­t’s been saved up for all the­se years if you’­re gon­na go that deep you end up
befo­re every anal sea of cour­se okay I just don’t even know if you don’t enema
y’all [ _ ] you’ll see [ _ ] in the sce­ne yeah I mean you’­re not gon­na like like [ _ ] it’s not gon­na come out of your butt but it’s gon­na be the­re I just won­der becau­se I feel like some girls who are true anal Queens that they may­be are able to do and also casual­ly that they’­re able to sort of like give up on that side of things I feel this is how I feel if if you are real­ly real­ly in tune with your diges­ti­ve sys­tem and you take imo­di­um and you don’t eat then mabe and you don’t eat for like 12 hours and you just take a regu­lar [ _ ] may­be yeah you don’t have to clean out but for my own peace of mind even if
it’s just like a tiny pie­ce it gros­ses me out and I don’t want to see that so I
would rather just put the work in and just com­ple­te­ly get rid of ever­ything befo­re you let me tell you some­thing
though that dick I just saw in your but if the­re was a litt­le pie­ce of poop on the­re you’­re defi­ni­te­ly not gon­na know num­ber one becau­se this is it’s like
dead black but then also it’s like you
could have an ent­i­re lar­ge nug­get of poop on that deck and you still would­n’t
noti­ce becau­se it’s so big but the poop you would noti­ce you’­re right but I’m just say­ing that dick is so big that it
would be so hard for a pie­ce of poop to com­pa­re to it in size abso­lute­ly right and like I’ve liter­al­ly seen you know
most of the time in sce­nes if the­re is like I miss hop like that they you know cut it out or edi­t­ing or wha­te­ver but
I’ve seen sce­nes whe­re it’s like the girl is gaping and I see I see [ _ ] or I see like some­thing gross like just not the right color and I’m just like like why did they lea­ve that in the­re it’s not the gir­l’s fault like you know things hap­pen but why would they if that hap­pen­ed to me I would be like mor­ti­fied I would be like why is this on the inter­net I don’t want peop­le to see my [ _ ] I just want you to see my gaping [ _ ] I don’t want you to see my [ _ ]
for me it’s like sexu­al­ly I’m once someo­ne’s food enters the sto­mach I
don’t want to see it again so I’m not into anything with puke and I’m not into [ _ ] kudos to the peop­le who are like that girl vio­let I [ _ ] with the fact that she like can be open about her fetish like if you’­re actual­ly into that
and you’­re open good for you but you know I pul­led that out of her becau­se I don’t think she had ever real­ly got­ten
that like she said like yeah I kind of want to do the poop munch as to her agent or wha­te­ver bad I don’t feel like she had real­ly like thought that much
about it until I sort of got her becau­se you’d be sur­pri­sed like how much kink
shaming the­re still is in the indus­try des­pi­te the fact that deal with so many dif­fe­rent fetis­hes and
kinks like like puke [ _ ] are like a big thing I per­so­nal­ly don’t see the appeal and I would sor­ry I would never do that becau­se I’m just not into that some peop­le are so into that just like I don’t see the appeal of get­ting [ _ ] on
but some peop­le do and the­re’s fans who love that [ _ ] and I’m like good for you for tap­ping into that mar­ket and you know being true to yourself but it’s just not for me I had a girl one time DMing mean well the she liter­al­ly wan­ted to come to the store and have ever­y­bo­dy like piss on her and stuff yeah she wan­ted to like post up in the back and just get pis­sed on and I was thin­king about it I’m like okay I under­stand that this is like indul­ging your fan­ta­sy but we don’t have a filming per­mit for this or wha­te­ver like the­re’s so many things that go through my head and then also I was like what are peop­le gon­na think they’­re gon­na think about like we were just peeing in the wha­te­ver but then what was even weir­der is that then she ended up being like one of the­se like you know the­re’s not­hing wrong with me to or wha­te­ver but she ended up being one of the­se cra­zy-ass like chicks who was like accu­sing all kinds of peop­le all kinds of [ _ ] I’m like oh my god I’m glad I never peed on his [ _ ] I’m in my litt­le porn bub­ble I feel like piss is like so vanil­la which is cra­zy cuz it’s not and I’m just like this is like squirt like what is the lake it’s just piss but then in the real world peop­le pro­bab­ly pro­bab­ly in the chat right now they’­re like oh my god the [ _ ] piss I’m like
it’s just I need to remem­ber that like it’s a very dif­fe­rent world out the­re it
is who don’t even drink piss its losers vir­gins
I sup­port drin­king piss when it’s clear and does­n’t have a smell or tas­te I sup­port all peste­ring and how else are
we gon­na get rid of it real­ly the­re’s only so much sewa­ge sys­tem down the­re if
I drink your piss and then I piss that out then boom two pis­tols have been redu­ced to one do you have any last
words of her tho­se peop­le out here I feel like we’­ve we’­ve hit our our 10 my
guest is pul­ling up and I want to just sort of wrap this up like whe­re the can the peop­le find you whe­re can they stay
tun­ed to all your con­tent stuff I just wan­na say one more thing I will say that if you want someo­ne to drink your piss
drink a lot of water and eat clean if it’s yel­low it’s not mel­low
if it loo­ks like it loo­ks like v8 yeah yeah go hydra­te it needs to be like
water but any­way so my Insta­gram account is wild sexu­al unders­core and I want
ever­yo­ne to know that wild is spel­led WI l de the­re’s an e a bonus the bonus e
like I’ll post on my sto­ry too so you guys I mean yeah my twit­ter is Jane wild
xxx if you like watching hard­core porn you should fol­low me on Twit­ter
Jane Wil­de Hey the [ _ ] is that I’m tag­ging her right now so if you guys want to go find out wha­t’s going on with the girl that I just inter­view­ed drink pee drink pee and [ _ ] okay yeah thanks
for having me I real­ly this was so fun no super fun on it so it’s kind of bum­mer that uh miss bou­gie-ass some of
the plug was­n’t able to make it on time but you know she’s pret­ty isn’t she
ever­yo­ne says the same thing about wild sexu­al ever­yo­ne says the same thing
whenever I men­tio­ned liner they all say she’s so sweet so sweet she’s real­ly
nice peop­le tell me they’­re sweet know one more thing is shout out to Ali­na
Lopez for being the rea­son that I’m a speed ler girl and being like the nicest per­son that I’ve met important and just
by loo­king at her you would think she’s a [ _ ] cuz she’s so pret­ty right like you always think like the pret­tiest girls are gon­na like [ _ ] but the­re we got­ta get her back on the pod­cast we would love to the
first time around yeah and also shout out to her for eating that dudes ass to keep some sol­dier [ _ ] you know I think I don’t know if she wants peop­le to know this but I think it’s cuz she was brought up Mor­mon so like peop­le know about her I just did­n’t want to be the one doc­to­ring her past reli­gious affi­lia­ti­on we’­re all dogs dogs what even his dog say­ing all right so ever­y­bo­dy out the­re watching this right now just know that I’m gon­na be back a real or real soon with some addi­tio­nal guests I have at least two more inter­views that I’m gon­na be doing throughout the cour­se of tonight but as of right now I’m gon­na go take a [ _ ] not on my girl­friend eit­her I’m just
gon­na poop in the toi­let and then flush it much love thank you so much to Jane Wil­de for com­ing through go fol­low her
[ __ ] wel­co­me to the no jum­py uni­ver­se ever­y­bo­dy make sure you remin­der for the rest of the life any porn­hub video you
wat­ched hurt you got a com­ment rope game com­ment I’m 22 etc it’s just I just need
I need you guys to fol­low her like a cloud of dust for the rest of her life thanks guys appre­cia­te you Jane

JETZT LESEN  Total Nackt Yoga und total Nackt Tai Chi
Jane Wil­de im Gespräch mit Cap­tain Jack

Jane ist eine mei­ner Lieb­lin­ge in der Bran­che und ist so boden­stän­dig. Ande­re Mäd­chen sagen mir sogar, wie boden­stän­dig Jane ist. Es ist schon ein Ver­gnü­gen, 3 Minu­ten mit ihr zu reden, und ich hat­te das Glück, viel län­ger mit ihr zu plau­dern! Jane hat vor kur­zem ange­fan­gen, DPs vor der Kame­ra zu machen, und das macht sie her­vor­ra­gend! Ich muss­te mich mit Jane tref­fen, nach­dem ich sie am Anfang ihrer Kar­rie­re ken­nen­ge­lernt hatte.

Cap­tain Jack: Als ich das ers­te Mal mit dir sprach, sag­test du, dass du dar­an arbei­test, das Herz-Tat­too zwi­schen dei­nen Brüs­ten ent­fer­nen zu las­sen. Wie ist der Stand der Dinge?

Jane Wil­de: Ich bin zu jeman­dem gegan­gen, der behaup­tet, eine Lizenz für Tat­too­ent­fer­nung zu haben und über die nöti­ge Aus­rüs­tung zu ver­fü­gen, aber der Pro­zess dau­er­te viel län­ger, als ich dach­te, und die Abstän­de zwi­schen den Sit­zun­gen waren viel län­ger, als ich dach­te, so dass ich kei­ne gro­ßen Fort­schrit­te gemacht habe. Seit kur­zem gehe ich zu einem Arzt, der eine Lizenz hat. Nächs­tes Jahr um die­se Zeit wird es weg sein.

CJ: Mach dir kei­ne Sor­gen. Ich hei­ße Jane Wil­de. Das Tat­too bist du!

Jane: Dan­ke! Das sagen alle, es ist wie ein Mar­ken­zei­chen, aber ich will, dass mein Mar­ken­zei­chen etwas ande­res ist.

CJ: Nun, vul­ka­ni­scher Sex ist auch dein Markenzeichen.

Jane: Ja, das ist mir lieber!

CJ: Was ist dei­ne eth­ni­sche Zugehörigkeit?

Jane: Das ist komisch, denn ich bin weiß und kom­me aus New York und mei­ne Eltern sind bei­de in New York gebo­ren. Mei­ne Groß­el­tern wur­den alle in New York gebo­ren, aber mei­ne Urgroß­el­tern kamen aus der Sowjet­uni­on und ver­schie­de­nen Tei­len Euro­pas. Ich wür­de also sagen, dass ich Euro­päe­rin bin.

CJ: Du bist sehr süß und Jungs sind süß für ein schwa­ches Mäd­chen. Wann hast du die Macht der Muschi gelernt?

Jane: Das ist eine lus­ti­ge Fra­ge. Ich glau­be, als ich anfing, Sex zu haben, haben mich die Jungs auf eine Wei­se beach­tet, zu der sie vor­her kei­nen Grund hat­ten. In ihren Augen hat­te ich nichts zu bie­ten, aber dann hat­te ich einen Kör­per und mei­ne Sexua­li­tät, also fin­gen sie an, mir Auf­merk­sam­keit zu schen­ken, und das wur­de mir klar, als ich 15 war. Ich habe es erst mit 18 rich­tig gemerkt, als ich anfing, vie­le Män­ner zu ficken.

JETZT LESEN  How Women Orgasm

CJ: Hast du dadurch jemals etwas Gro­ßes erreicht?

Jane: Ich habe mir von Män­nern einen Hau­fen Gras geben las­sen, obwohl ich keins hat­te, aber sonst nicht.

CJ: Du hast mir erzählt, dass du noch nie in einer Bezie­hung warst, son­dern ein­fach mit jedem Sex haben woll­test. Ist das immer noch der Fall?

Jane: Ja. Ich war noch immer nicht in einer Bezie­hung. Im Moment bin ich nicht sau­er dar­über, son­dern ziem­lich froh dar­über, weil ich nicht will, dass mich eine Bezie­hung von mei­ner Kar­rie­re ablenkt. Das ist ein wirk­lich wich­ti­ger Teil mei­nes Lebens, und ich möch­te einen kla­ren Kopf behal­ten und jeman­den haben, der das im Moment fühlt. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich spä­ter im Leben mehr den Wunsch haben wer­de, eine Bezie­hung ein­zu­ge­hen. Im Moment genie­ße ich ein­fach die Ver­bin­dun­gen, die ich mit den Leu­ten am Set und all den ver­schie­de­nen Arten von Men­schen habe.

CJ: Wenn du wie­der in New York bist, triffst du dich dann noch ab und zu mit ande­ren Leuten?

Jane: Ich arbei­te jetzt viel, mehr als je zuvor, des­halb muss ich mei­ne frei­en Tage nut­zen, um mich aus­zu­ru­hen und nicht, um Leu­te zu tref­fen. Genau das Gegen­teil davon. Die­sen Monat war nicht viel los, also habe ich die Zeit außer­halb der Kame­ra genutzt, um mich zu amü­sie­ren. Ich habe ein paar Leu­te in der Bran­che, mit denen ich ger­ne etwas unter­neh­me. Bis jetzt war es ein guter Sommer.

CJ: Ich habe dich gera­de in DP Me 9 für Har­dX gese­hen. Dar­in warst du unglaub­lich. Erzähl mir von die­ser Szene.

Jane: Ich glau­be, ich habe Ende Novem­ber 2018 beschlos­sen, dass ich vor der Kame­ra gedopt wer­den muss. Als ich in die Bran­che ein­stieg, beschloss ich, kei­ne Erwar­tun­gen zu haben und ein­fach zu tun, was immer ich für rich­tig hal­te. Ich woll­te unbe­dingt einen Kame­ra­mann haben und habe es Spieg­ler gesagt. Ich über­leg­te, für wen ich es machen woll­te, und er rief mich Anfang Janu­ar an und sag­te: “Mason will dei­nen ers­ten DP dre­hen.” Ich sag­te: “Lass es uns tun! Es gibt kei­ne bes­se­re Zeit als die Gegen­wart und ich woll­te es unbe­dingt machen. Als ich damit anfing, öff­ne­te das die Tür zu so vie­len ande­ren sexu­el­len Wün­schen. Ich war über­haupt nicht ner­vös. Es war eine ähn­li­che Stim­mung wie bei mei­ner ers­ten Sze­ne über­haupt. Ich war nur noch auf­ge­reg­ter, gefickt zu wer­den. Es war genau so, wie ich es mir gewünscht hat­te. Es war so unglaub­lich! Die Ener­gie war unglaub­lich. Es war eine der bes­ten Erfah­run­gen in mei­nem Leben. So etwas hat­te ich noch nie gefühlt. Es war verrückt!

CJ: Das kam auch auf dem Bild­schirm rüber.

Jane: Dan­ke. Ich hat­te die Gele­gen­heit, es zu sehen. In letz­ter Zeit schaue ich mir jede mei­ner Sze­nen an, die ich in die Fin­ger bekom­me. Es ist eine Art außer­kör­per­li­che Erfah­rung. Ich den­ke nicht: “Das bin ich”, son­dern eher: “Die­ses Mäd­chen, ich mag es, wie sie das macht. Sie sieht so heiß aus, wenn sie das macht! Und das ist so cool, weil ich mich jetzt als Sex­sym­bol sehe, als eine sexu­el­le Person.

CJ: Da du dir dei­ne Sze­nen ansiehst, muss ich dich fra­gen: Hast du dir schon mal selbst einen runtergeholt?

Jane: Die gan­ze Zeit. Ich weiß nicht ein­mal, ob man das Mas­tur­bie­ren nen­nen kann, denn ich habe mei­ne Hän­de die meis­te Zeit des Tages auf nicht-sexu­el­le Wei­se da unten. Ich schla­fe damit ein, ich wache damit auf, ich tue es sogar, wenn mir lang­wei­lig ist. Ich rei­be ein­fach mei­ne Muschi. Auf jeden Fall mas­tur­bie­re ich, wenn ich mir Por­nos und hei­ße Por­nos anse­he, egal, wer es ist.

CJ: Letz­tes Jahr hast du mir erzählt, dass dei­ne Muschi sehr eng ist, war der DP also lustvoll?

Jane: Ja, es ist sehr lust­voll. Ich glau­be, ich wuss­te gar nicht, wie leicht es mir fällt, mei­nen Arsch zu öff­nen und etwas hin­ein­zu­ste­cken, denn das tut mir über­haupt nicht weh. Wenn ich mich also nicht dar­um küm­mern muss, ihn zu deh­nen, kann ich mich dar­auf kon­zen­trie­ren, mei­ne Muschi zu mei­nem Ver­gnü­gen zu deh­nen. Wenn ich also anal gefickt habe, habe ich stän­dig Fin­ger in mei­ne Muschi gesteckt und sie gedehnt und da wuss­te ich, dass ich DP’s machen kann, weil ich wuss­te, dass ich die­se Men­ge in mir aus­hal­ten kann.

CJ: Du hast in den ADT-Boards gesagt, dass du noch einen Gang­bang machen musst, einen dop­pel­ten Anal­sex, eine dop­pel­te Vagi­na, luftdicht…

Jane: Ich fand die Aus­sa­ge die­ses einen Typen irgend­wie lus­tig, denn nur weil jemand eine Men­ge Hard­core-Schei­ße vor der Kame­ra macht, kannst du ihm kei­ne Fra­gen stel­len? Die Fra­gen, die du stel­len willst, lau­ten: “Wann machst du das, das und das?”, aber so sehe ich Por­nos nicht. Ich sehe Por­nos als eine ech­te Erkun­dung mei­ner Sexua­li­tät, als das, was ich in mei­nem Leben tun will, als eine ech­te Schlam­pe. Kei­ne fal­sche Schlam­pe für die Kame­ra, son­dern eine ech­te Schlam­pe, die auch vor der Kame­ra fickt. Das sind die Din­ge, die mich begeis­tern, die ich machen will. Ich schaue mir Gang­bangs an und die bes­ten sind mei­ner Mei­nung nach Riley Reid, Adria­na Che­chik und Ange­la White. Und ich sehe mir die­se Gang­bangs an und den­ke, dass ich das noch nicht kann. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich noch nicht so weit bin und nicht so viel Ener­gie auf­brin­gen kann, aber ich wer­de es mit der Zeit schaf­fen, ich muss nur üben und mich auf­put­schen. Ich war­te nicht auf eine Aus­zah­lung oder irgend­et­was ande­res, aber ich will, dass es das ist, wozu ich fähig bin oder fähig sein wer­de. Und ich will es auch den Fans geben.

CJ: In dem Thread auf ADT hast du gesagt, dass es ein paar Din­ge gibt, die du nicht machen willst, weil du dich dabei unwohl fühlst. Gibt es etwas, das du nen­nen möchtest?

Jane: Zum jet­zi­gen Zeit­punkt kann ich nur sagen, dass ich nicht nach Euro­pa gehen wer­de, um die­se wirk­lich har­ten Legal Por­no Gang­bangs oder Dou­ble Anals zu dre­hen. Die­se Art des Drehs inter­es­siert mich nicht wirk­lich. Ich wer­de nicht dar­über läs­tern, denn jeder hat sei­nen eige­nen Geschmack und arbei­tet hart. Es erregt mich nur sexu­ell nicht und ich will nur Din­ge vor der Kame­ra machen, die mich erre­gen. Und ich mag die meis­ten BDSM-Sze­nen mit kör­per­li­cher Bestra­fung nicht, weil ich mehr auf das Spiel mit dem Atem als auf kör­per­li­che Schmer­zen ste­he. Das heißt aber nicht, dass ich das nie machen wer­de, denn das sind ein­fach mei­ne der­zei­ti­gen Grenzen.

CJ: Was sind dei­ne Lieb­lings­sze­nen, die du Fans emp­feh­len kannst, die dich noch nicht kennen?

Jane: Ganz klar mei­ne ers­te DP in DP Me 9. Auch mein zwei­ter DP ist eine mei­ner bis­her bes­ten Sze­nen. Sie ist in Anal Fuck Dol­lz unter der Regie von Jon­ni Dark­ko für Evil Angel. Es war vul­ka­nisch und ich habe viel gespritzt. Ich habe auch eine Sze­ne mit Mar­kus Dupree auf sei­ner neu­en Sei­te gedreht. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass jede Sze­ne, die ich in den letz­ten 3 Mona­ten gedreht habe, wahr­schein­lich mei­ne bes­te Arbeit ist. Ich habe sie auf ein neu­es Niveau gebracht. Die Din­ge, die in den nächs­ten Mona­ten her­aus­kom­men, soll­test du dir unbe­dingt ansehen.

CJ: Wer sind dei­ne Lieb­lings­dar­stel­ler und ‑regis­seu­re?

Jane: Was die Dar­stel­ler angeht, so arbei­te ich ger­ne mit mei­ner Freun­din Emi­ly Wil­lis zusam­men. Nicht nur, weil wir befreun­det sind, son­dern weil wir die glei­che explo­si­ve Ener­gie und die glei­che Men­ta­li­tät haben, wenn es um unse­re Kar­rie­ren und Auf­trit­te geht. Ich mag die Zusam­men­ar­beit mit Riley Reid sehr, das war eine tol­le Erfah­rung. Ange­la White….jeder weiß, dass das die bes­ten Dar­stel­ler sind, weil sie es jedes Mal bewei­sen, wenn sie vor der Kame­ra ste­hen. Was die Regis­seu­re angeht, wür­de ich sagen, alle Regis­seu­re von Evil Angel wie Jon­ni Dark­ko, Chris Streams, LeWood und dann Jules Jor­dan, Mason und Pat Myne. Ich lie­be ihre Arbeit.

CJ: Gibt es Darsteller/innen oder Regisseur/innen, mit denen du ger­ne zusam­men­ar­bei­ten wür­dest, aber noch kei­ne Gele­gen­heit dazu hattest?

Jane: Ja, auf jeden Fall. Ich habe noch nicht mit Mis­saX zusam­men­ge­ar­bei­tet. Das ist eine schau­spie­le­ri­sche Sei­te, für die ich sehr ger­ne dre­hen wür­de, weil ich die Talen­te, die dort arbei­ten, ein­fach toll fin­de. Ich den­ke, es ist auf­re­gend und anders. Adria­na Che­chik ist die Num­mer 1 unter den Dar­stel­lern. Ich sage das immer wie­der, es kommt mir so vor, als wür­de ich die gan­ze Zeit dar­über reden. Sie ist jemand, zu dem ich auf­schaue, und ich möch­te unbe­dingt eine Sze­ne mit ihr dre­hen, weil ich sehen möch­te, wohin ihre Ener­gie mich brin­gen kann. Ich mag es, mit Leu­ten zu arbei­ten, von denen ich mich inspi­rie­ren las­sen kann.

CJ: Lass uns über les­bi­schen Sex spre­chen, bist du ein Fan von Tribbing?

Jane: Ich bin ein gro­ßer Fan von Trib­bing und ich wuss­te es nicht ein­mal, bis ich zum Por­no kam. Vor Por­nos hat­te ich noch nie mit einem Mäd­chen geschla­fen. Ich hat­te expe­ri­men­tiert, aber nicht rich­tig. Ich hat­te noch nie rich­ti­gen Sex mit einer Frau, das gan­ze Drum und Dran. Aber dann bekam ich die Gele­gen­heit dazu und merk­te, wie sehr ich es genie­ße, Frau­en zu domi­nie­ren, ganz bestimm­te Frau­en. Ich mag es, von Män­nern und Frau­en domi­niert zu wer­den, aber unter­wür­fi­ge Mäd­chen machen mich wirk­lich an. Ich schla­ge sie ein­fach und über­neh­me die Kon­trol­le. Ich glau­be, mit mei­ner gerin­gen Grö­ße ist es beim Trib­bing ziem­lich ein­fach, die Muschis auf­ein­an­der zu brin­gen. Was ich has­se, wenn ich mir Por­nos anse­he, ist, wenn man sieht, dass sie sich kaum berüh­ren und unbe­hol­fen sind. Mir wäre es lie­ber, wenn sie sich tat­säch­lich berüh­ren und man es nicht unbe­dingt sieht, son­dern die Lei­den­schaft und das Ver­gnü­gen sieht.

CJ: Wenn du mit einer Frau zusam­men bist, magst du es dann, wenn Spiel­zeug im Spiel ist, oder wollt ihr nur zu zweit sein?

Jane: Das kommt dar­auf an. Wenn du einen Vibra­tor als Spiel­zeug bezeich­nest, dann mag ich das, weil es ein ein­zig­ar­ti­ges Gefühl ist, das wir selbst nicht nach­ma­chen kön­nen. Aber abge­se­hen davon glau­be ich nicht, dass wir wirk­lich kein Spiel­zeug brau­chen. Ich bin gene­rell gegen die Ver­wen­dung von Spielzeug.

CJ: Du bist ein Squir­ter, wann hast du das gelernt?

Jane: Ach du mei­ne Güte. Ich wür­de mich selbst nicht als Squir­ter bezeich­nen, denn ich den­ke, dass man es unter allen Umstän­den tun kann. Ich habe erst gemerkt, dass ich wirk­lich sprit­zen kann, als ich mit Mar­kus Dupree gear­bei­tet habe. Er hat eine Tech­nik, bei der er mich ein­fach von mei­nem Arsch aus fin­gert und weil mei­ne Muschi leer und offen ist, explo­diert sie ein­fach, wenn ich rich­tig feucht bin. Aber aus irgend­ei­nem Grund kann ich nicht allein mit Fin­gern oder so sprit­zen. Ich brau­che eine ande­re Per­son, die weiß, was sie tut, um da rein­zu­kom­men und es gesche­hen zu las­sen. Oder wenn ich etwas in mei­nem Arsch habe und es auf mei­ne Muschi drückt, dann kann ich sprit­zen. Es pas­siert ein­fach unwill­kür­lich. Und das ist etwas, was Mar­kus sehr oft macht, aber ich habe noch nie­man­den gefun­den, der das gut kann.

CJ: Du hast auch einen beein­dru­cken­den Spalt. Hast du dar­an gear­bei­tet oder ist das etwas Natürliches?

Jane: Das ist eine ver­rück­te Geschich­te, denn als ich mei­nen ers­ten Anal­sex hat­te, wuss­te ich nicht ein­mal, was ein Gaping ist. Ich glau­be nicht, dass Mason das erwar­tet hat, denn sie hat mich nicht gebe­ten, zu klaf­fen. In mei­ner zwei­ten Anal­sze­ne wur­de ich auch nicht auf­ge­for­dert, zu klaf­fen, aber es gab eine Stel­lung, in der ich in der Hünd­chen­stel­lung auf dem Boden lag, mit dem Kopf auf dem Boden, als ob die Schwer­kraft die Luft antreibt. Das war mit JMac und als er sei­nen Schwanz her­aus­nahm, war da die­ses rie­si­ge schwar­ze Loch! Ich wuss­te es nicht ein­mal, bis ich Bil­der von der Sze­ne sah und alle sag­ten: “Oh mein Gott! Sieh dir die­se Lücke an!’ Und ich sag­te: “Wovon zum Teu­fel redet ihr da? Was klafft da?’ Dann wur­de mir klar, dass das ein gan­zer Fetisch ist und ich die Fähig­keit dazu habe. Mein Arsch bleibt ein­fach offen. Also habe ich es geübt und ver­sucht, in jeder Sze­ne zu klaf­fen. Ich habe ein­fach gelernt, mei­nen Schließ­mus­kel so weit zu ent­span­nen, dass er sich nicht sofort wie­der schließt. Er bleibt ein paar Sekun­den lang offen. Des­halb bin ich mir auch sicher, dass ich Dop­pel­anal machen kann, denn als ich das ers­te Mal mit Chris Streams gear­bei­tet habe, hat er mich für Ana­li­zed mit James Deen gedreht. Damals klaff­te mein Mund noch nicht ein­mal; ich wuss­te nicht, wie ich ihn offen hal­ten und klaf­fen soll­te. Nach­dem er es mir erzählt hat­te, frag­te ich ihn, ob ich jemals dop­pel­ana­le Sze­nen machen könn­te. Chris sah mich nur an und sag­te: “Natür­lich! Hast du gese­hen, wie groß das Ding ist?” (lacht)

CJ: Hast du irgend­wel­che Fan­ta­sien, die du ger­ne vor der Kame­ra aus­le­ben würdest?

Jane: Oh ja, ich habe eine Men­ge Fan­ta­sien. Eine gro­ße Fan­ta­sie von mir ist ein Gang­bang und ich möch­te auf jeden Fall super hard­core dabei sein. Ich mag die Vor­stel­lung, dass Typen, die gar nicht an dem Gang­bang betei­ligt sind, ein­fach nur dasit­zen, sich einen run­ter­ho­len und dabei zuse­hen, wie ich gefickt wer­de. Eine Fan­ta­sie wäre es, von 5 oder 6 Typen mit rie­si­gen Schwän­zen gefickt zu wer­den, DP’s zu bekom­men und einen Hau­fen mei­ner Fans dabei zu haben, die sich gera­de einen runterholen.

CJ: Du hast mit Web­camming ange­fan­gen. Was ist das Selt­sams­te, das du in dei­ne Muschi ste­cken solltest?

Jane: Ich kann mich gar nicht mehr dar­an erin­nern, das ist schon so lan­ge her. Aber ich erin­ne­re mich, dass mich ein­mal jemand gebe­ten hat, mir Käse­schei­ben auf den Kör­per zu legen und mich mit dem Käse zu beschmie­ren. Ich glau­be, er war ein bekann­ter Käse­lieb­ha­ber auf der Baustelle.

CJ: Wenn du kei­nen Por­no machen wür­dest, was wür­dest du dann jetzt tun?

Jane: Ich weiß es nicht! Wahr­schein­lich wäre ich irgend­wo eine Hure! Ehr­lich gesagt, ich weiß es nicht. Ich kann mir kei­nen ande­ren Weg für mich vor­stel­len. Ich habe wirk­lich das Gefühl, dass ich dazu bestimmt bin, das zu tun. Ich hat­te nichts ande­res, was mich inter­es­sier­te, und dann wur­de ich so lei­den­schaft­lich, dass ich Por­nos drehte.

CJ: Wirst du manch­mal in der Öffent­lich­keit erkannt?

Jane: Ja, ein Mal. Aber ich fra­ge mich, ob die Leu­te mich vor­her erkannt haben und ein­fach nichts gesagt haben. Ein­mal war ich mit einer Freun­din in einem Diner. Wir saßen an der The­ke und ich bat ihn, mir das Cat­s­up zu rei­chen, und er sag­te zu uns bei­den: “Oh, übri­gens, gro­ßer Fan!”, weil ich mit einer ande­ren Künst­le­rin zusam­men war. Es ist schön, für mei­ne Bemü­hun­gen aner­kannt zu werden.

CJ: Wür­dest du jemals mit einem TS-Mäd­chen arbeiten?

Jane: Ja, das wür­de ich ger­ne, es ist nur nichts, wor­auf ich mich im Moment beson­ders kon­zen­trie­re. Aber ich möch­te es. Ich wer­de es tun. Es wird passieren.

CJ: Was ist das Per­ver­ses­te, das du je gemacht hast?

Jane: Letz­ten Som­mer habe ich mich noch nie von zwei Typen gleich­zei­tig ficken las­sen. Ich woll­te es unbe­dingt tun und ging zu die­sem Haus, in dem ein Hau­fen Leu­te war, das hat­te ich nicht erwar­tet. Ich fing an, von zwei Typen gefickt zu wer­den und dann kam ein drit­ter dazu. Es waren noch ande­re Leu­te da und sie haben zuge­se­hen. Und das war nur zum Spaß. Nicht wegen des Inhalts oder so.

CJ: War das auf einer Par­ty oder so?

Jane: Es war kei­ne Par­ty, es waren nur Leu­te da, die abhin­gen. Es war ein ganz nor­ma­ler Tag.

CJ: Und wie kön­nen die Fans dir in den sozia­len Medi­en folgen?

Jane: Auf Twit­ter bin ich @jane­wildexxx. Auf Insta­gram bin ich @wildesexual_.

Hot­ter Hot Yoga

Hotter Hot-Yoga Hot Yoga Nacktyoga

Wer oder Was ist ADULT TIME?

Adult Time ist eine digi­ta­le Abon­ne­ment Video-Platt­form für eine neue Ära der Erwach­se­nen­un­ter­hal­tung. Adult Time ist ein Pro­gram, das von Men­schen auf­ge­baut wur­de, die an eine Zukunft glau­ben, in der ein erwach­sen­des Publi­kum sicher und mit Stolz einen Platz in ihrem Pro­gramm für Pre­mi­um-Inhal­te für Erwach­se­ne haben kann. 

Zusätz­lich zu dem fes­seln­den Pro­gramm wid­met sich Adult Time der Schaf­fung eines per­so­na­li­sier­ten Inhalts­er­leb­nis­ses für alle sei­ne Zuschauer/innen. Ein Ser­vice, den du als Indi­vi­du­um mit all dei­nen ein­zig­ar­ti­gen Vor­lie­ben, Inter­es­sen und Gewohn­hei­ten nie wie­der kün­di­gen willst. Adult Time hat es sich zur Auf­ga­be gemacht, dir die umfang­reichs­te und hoch­wer­tigs­te Aus­wahl an unzen­sier­ten Por­no­fil­men, Sex-Fil­men und Ero­tik-Seri­en für Erwach­se­ne zur Ver­fü­gung zu stellen. 

Tages­zeit, Prime­time, Adult Time.

Mit mehr als 200 Kanä­len, 60.000 Sze­nen und mehr als fünf Video-Neu­erschei­nun­gen pro Tag haben Abon­nen­ten von Adult­Ti­ unbe­grenz­ten Zugriff auf den gesam­ten Kata­log des Stu­di­os mit preis­ge­krön­ten Ero­tik- und Por­no Vide­os.

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