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Perverse Yogis: Hot-(ter) Yoga

Jane Wilde hat ihren Freund Robby Echo zu seiner ersten Hot-Yoga-Stunde mitgenommen. Als sie reinkommen, sehen sie ein paar andere Schüler (Anny Aurora, Destiny Cruz und Alexia Anders), die sich bereit machen und auf den Lehrer warten. Jane und Robby finden zwei freie Plätze und setzen sich hin, obwohl Robby sehr launisch zu sein scheint und sich darüber beschwert, dass der Raum zu heiß ist. Die verärgerte Jane erinnert ihn zum hundertsten Mal daran, dass es sich hier um HOT Yoga handelt, also muss der Raum auch heiß sein. Außerdem ist sie sich sicher, dass es ihm Spaß machen wird, wenn er sich darauf einlässt.

Isiah Maxwell kommt herein und gibt sich als Ersatz-Yogalehrer zu erkennen. Als Isiah die Klasse vorstellt, sieht er aus dem Augenwinkel, dass Jane und Robby sich streiten, und ein schelmischer Funke springt in seine Augen. Da Robby ein neuer Schüler ist, lässt Isiah ihn in den vorderen Teil der Klasse gehen, so dass er von Jane im hinteren Teil abgewandt ist. Die Klasse macht eine Reihe von Bodenübungen, bei denen Isiah Jane besondere Aufmerksamkeit schenkt, indem er sie mit seinen Händen führt und seinen Schritt an ihrem Hintern reibt.

Isiah führt die Klasse in einige stehende Posen, und wieder kommt Isiah näher an Jane heran und behandelt sie ganz persönlich. Er steht hinter ihr und führt ihre Hüften und ihren Busen mit seinen Händen. Als er sicher ist, dass der Rest der Klasse und Robby nicht zuschauen, fängt er an, Jane zu küssen, die das sehr genießt. Sie fangen an zu knutschen und sich im hinteren Teil der Klasse gegenseitig zu befummeln. Jane klettert dann auf ihn und lässt sich von Isiah in der Höhe führen, während sie sich weiter küssen.

Während er die ahnungslose Klasse für weitere Posen auf die Knie leitet, holt Isiah seinen Schwanz heraus und Jane lutscht ihn, während sie kniet. Dann geht sie auf alle Viere und lässt sich von Isiah von hinten ficken, bevor er sie von unten vögelt. Nach einem kurzen Check-in, um sicherzustellen, dass alle anderen Schüler ruhig und meditativ sind, zieht sich Isiah vollständig aus und fickt Jane in Bulldoggen-Stellung. Dann dreht er sie auf den Rücken und sie haben zusammen Missionarssex in verschiedenen Variationen, bis Isiah auf Janes Gesicht abspritzt, während sie ihm einen bläst.

Geht es nur mir so oder ist es hier drin heiß?

Na ja… namaste!

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Jane Wilde erzählt alles über die Pornoindustrie
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okay we’re streaming let’s see if we get a chat that’s how we know if this is gonna be a success or not as if the chat
pops up mm-hmm so there’s always this like weird awkward like five seconds here where we don’t know and then
somebody’s gonna pop in the chat be like gay and then we’ll know it’s real until
we see the gay or just any kind of comment them yep there it is first coming just as your which is good you
know I would prefer gay in all caps a bunch of wise it does wait oh I forgot
you’re from New York you don’t have to talk about that but yeah your is a good thing to say right yeah man in New York
there’s something about that way you could just hear somebody saying here down the street and you just sort of know what’s up you just know something’s
going on and there’s so many words like from New York dialect better hey yo they
means so many different things like dead ass dead ass is a product of New York City it’s weird a dead ass I feel like
the rest of the world maybe only even caught on to it for like the past couple years recently most in New York in 2004
was I believe already in effect yeah I used to say I mean I’m young but like I
grew up in New York I would say it all the time actually like way too much he
said dad ask too much yeah I mean no there’s this one kid I knew from he moves to New York from Virginia and he
would just say dead ass on a level that was not normal really it sounded like extremely corny you know like young
people and in particular young people from New York I believe often fall victim to the curse of finding one slang
term that you like and then overusing the [ _ ] out of it to the point that it is like self parody like I remember having friends who would say Oh Dee but she was Oh Dee bad opposite of Oh Deena she was Oh everything Oh Dee like I’ll say Oh Dee as well I don’t say too much in LA anymore I still busted I want some while people look at me like I got two heads because it just doesn’t make sense on the the westernmost coast yeah definitely on the west coast I feel like these terms are just not it’s not the same it doesn’t hit the same it doesn’t but then at the same time I like Twitter sort of like binds us together and creates more of a global culture we’re like it’s really just like come out of your mouth like if that’s how you talk that’s how you talk and if it isn’t don’t try no that is a huge thing to them and that’s always been like the thing that kept me from saying the N word even when I was young and impressionable was like you know I might have said it once or twice and I was like holy [ _ ] that doesn’t sound right coming out of my mouth I should not say
that out of any white person’s mouth but
that’s just how I feel you were never on team n-word as a young New Yorker I’m not gonna lie when I first moved to New
York in 2004 that was one of the main things I was amazed by is just how many white kids were saying in the N words
not the N word the only one but in the BMX world it was like holy [ _ ] all these kids think they’re black this is crazy no it just it never appealed to me I never felt like I would be cooler for saying it or that it was like some secret thing that and you know I was I’m surrounded in New York by white people who just love that word and think they are like this stereotypical like my friend like gave me the pass or whatever but like just does nothing for me your friends probably not in the Black Panthers you know it’s probably just some guy who really isn’t that deeply invested in the situation and that just makes it so much worse cuz I’m just like we can’t trust women to make our decisions about language first anyway for the people who don’t know you this is Jane Wilde she’s an illustrious adult star at this point illustrious I guess means that you have a lot of luster cool which is it’s like it’s good [ _ ] like you’re like I mean I
would honestly like to know the definition of illustrious right now because I don’t have it on deck but I mean
it’s like one of those words I’ve been using like since I was so young that it like it’s like a brain fart when I try
to think about exactly how I would define it’s a really good professional
let’s talk about the fact that I met you a couple years ago okay oh really
holy [ _ ] okay I met you one year ago in Vegas at the AVM where were you out at that point in your life in terms of your career because I understand you came up a bit since then yeah so I was very very new and at the bottom none of my scenes had come out yet but I’d been shooting porn in Florida for like three weeks so I shot probably like 15 you would only machine for three weeks on just some girl and that’s what I thought was kind of weird is I was like damn Jane has like official numbers on social media now when I met her I’m pretty sure she did not that was weird to me too because like I just okay I feel like I spoke it into existence because you know I was a fan of Lenna and her YouTube videos and then I found you through Lenna and I thought you were both like dopest [ _ ] I would watch your vlogs and [ _ ] and I knew you were gonna be at AVN so I tweeted right before avian I was like somebody tell Lana the plug that I really want to meet her at avian or whatever I just started the nicest thing I’m gonna move the mic so they can see you and whatever the [ _ ] you’re wearing better yeah so like I was at avian and
we had just done a shoot in like a hotel suite you were filming porn at baby yeah
it’s because it’s a good place cuz everybody in the industry is like together interesting I was at events
that time trying to can you want to turn your [ _ ] thing off god damn cave man um I was under the impression that I was gonna go to AVN’s and that all the girls were gonna want turn up and [ _ ] and it was gonna be lit in reality it’s like the girls are
working and they have more opportunities to get work done at avians than they have any other time during the year so
in reality their desire to go and drink and do coke and [ _ ] till 6:00 in the morning is pretty low because they have to be up at like 8:00 in the morning to go and stand around take photos with a sweaty [ _ ] yes that’s basically the
gist of it but so obviously that year I wasn’t signing for any companies because I had not shot for any companies I did a
shoot and we got really stoned after like they were big stoners so we smoked a lot of weed and I went down to the
casino and like I couldn’t find my Tower like I was just walking around the casino lost his [ _ ] that sounds kind of fun though just because [ _ ] just walking around the casino got cool air
those casinos you could just breathe all day yeah so fresh so yeah you were
walking out in High City I literally walked around twice and I could not find
my Tower and this is why I feel like it was fate because you know if I hadn’t walked around twice I wouldn’t have been
standing right there and just seeing you and Leonard just like walking right towards me and I was like oh [ _ ] like I like you guys you guys are cool keep it up with the vlogs and [ _ ] and then yeah I just messaged you and then we were
just like come hang out with us or whatever well then it was like come hang out and I thought that was really nice cuz I’m like I’m literally nobody like
I’m nobody you don’t know me at all you just invited me me oh no no that’s what we do we are here we identifying young
new talent yeah you like saw it in me and I remember that night you guys like
posted me and that helped me hit 10k followers on Twitter really yeah and I just thought that was so [ _ ] cool I was like you didn’t need to do that that was really nice wow that’s crazy because I never think of [ _ ] like that you know
sometimes I think about it all the time I was thinking about how 6:9 when he
like I remember seeing like remember that first podcast oh well that’s all thing yeah but no I was gonna say I
remember like hearing somebody say about six nine like one of his friends saying he’s stingy with the cloud or he’s
greedy with the cloud and I don’t know about six nine and members just thinking about it being like damn he’s really interesting I
never see this [ _ ] tag anybody and then I was thinking about how my I tagged people all the time I tell you people that don’t even have anything to do with this [ _ ] like and then I was thinking about it that’s like you know it’s kind of very like telling like to
what extent it but I understand it too that it’s like a very big rapper you don’t want to just go tagging every rapper because then all of a sudden
you’re like you know you’re kind of like weakening the strength of your shout out you know but then at the same time I
don’t know it’s like for me that that’s whack like if I if I mean a girl in the porn world or whatever like and we hang
out there of course we’re gonna want to shut her out right yeah no I totally agree and like how we were talking
earlier about like people who are just really like obsessed with like social media Klout and all this [ _ ] it’s they’re the ones I feel like who are very stingy with this so-called cloud like what first of all what even is Klout Klout is like when people give a [ _ ] about you right so I feel like like
people giving a [ _ ] about someone else is not gonna make them give less of a [ _ ] about you right if someone’s your
fan they’re your fan but you know putting other people on is not like detracting from if you feel like it’s
detracting from yourself then that’s a you problem I see so many girls I’m gonna be honest with you in the adult
star world who are so Petty and jealous and I get kind of wise because at the
end of the day they see themselves as in direct competition with every other girl and like every other girl that looks
like them especially like who’s in there like type and that becomes this whole thing where like certain girls will [ _ ] with other girls and like I don’t know I mean honestly I appreciate somebody likes you on a trump who my girlfriend it’s like Mike and she saw how many followers my girlfriend had and just said ooh you’ve got a man clout I would collab with you about it and other people are like oh like do any girls want to collab for my snapchat and then like you get a hundred girls replying and of course they choose the one with the most followers I’m like well yeah it makes sense because you know it makes sense but it’s just a little shady to me it’s just kind of like obvious and you know it’s like it really makes you you know it’s like you don’t know how people feel about you until they’re sort of starts to be like a souring of your public image and then you sort of get to like get in people feel comfortable publicly sitting how they’ve always felt about you right and like because it’s mainstream it’s the norm you know you know okay we’ll meet like a young rapper or whatever and will I go and like do a couple videos with him while he’s popping and people are interesting and want to talk about him and stuff and then he’ll keep hitting me up after like trying to meet up on some other [ _ ] but
meanwhile like his career will have completely fallen off and in my head I’m kind of thinking like [ _ ] like I’m kind of fake because I was trying to do videos with this dude like when he was popping and then like six months later he gives a [ _ ] about him and I’m
ignoring him but I am thinking that’s what makes me realize like I am thinking about [ _ ] as a [ _ ] video creator
more than I am thinking of it as being like a friend you know that’s not fake because you just set it out loud but no
I mean it’s almost like if you put someone on and you know promote them in
your videos and stuff and then they they have the tools to like you know build themselves up and [ _ ] and then they just let their [ _ ] die it’s like doing a disservice to you like why would you want to keep [ _ ] with them if they’re not even putting in the work to build their careers selflessly you know it’s like at the end of the day because I’ve sometimes there’s been rappers that I’ve done like you know two interviews when were like wow you know I’ve just done a bunch of [ _ ] with them basically and then they keep wanting to do interviews and it’s kind of like bro
like I’m not giving you an interview if you’re not coming to me and Sam that you want to do an interview about this this and this because the end of the day I
have a responsibility to my fans not to mention my own time and it’s like I don’t really want to like create content
about you unless other people care you want me to create content for you to flatter your ego
I want to make content than my fans are gonna like and these are very different things I just feel like if people are
gonna be like hitting you up and stuff like asking for things like that they need at least like good talk every we
give top or money’s always give top but money I just feel like give like give a
reason like give you a reason to like watch like sell it sell it exactly it’s
like when I show up on set for a scene I mean I’m already booked but like if I want that company to book me again I
have to sell my image and I have to make them realize that hiring me would be
better for their brand than not hiring me so like your brand is you know no jumper people they they want to get in
with no jumper they have nothing to offer no jumper and that’s the truth and the fans really is the whole thing too
it’s like if it was if my job was just to be a nice guy and just promote you just because I’m a nice guy then like
okay cool but like that’s not really my job my job is to make videos that my fans want to watch and then like you
know everything else follows behind that but at the end of the day it’s like I’m trying to make videos that people are gonna actually flick and watch and if you’re not doing anything that you know
whatever let me ask you this how did you get into shooting adult films like what
was it like were you always attracted to this they always just stand out to you or something you wanted to do okay so before I turned 18 I never thought like
oh I want to do porn I want to do anything I didn’t think about sex work at all the reason I got into sex work
was it’s kind of shady actually but like I met this guy and he like helped me get
into webcaming but he himself was like very shady when you were 18 when I was
done that mostly because before I turned 18 I didn’t want to work and I had no reason
to work but have you ever heard about girls starting a webcam when they’re underage and and assuming the [ _ ] out of the people who like facilitated it later on or is this just Orban – I’ve heard obviously webcaming is tough when you’re camming on a platform because they know listen okay they go out of their way to make sure that you’re 18 you have to like submit your ID you know that’s the biggest liability I’m your [ _ ] percent but when it comes to like freelancing and
like just selling nudes and I’m so nudes the private game yeah
abscess Peschel e with private snap because snapchat is not connected Oh
nope I guess if you do it through like fans sent you or one of those you have to verify your age but if you’re just
like by my private snapchat like DMA to buy you can be any age one time Lana was getting a hug from a [ _ ] random fan and the girl somehow in the course of like 30 seconds said something about being underage and having a private snaps and I was just like I’m gonna ignore the part where you just said that I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that because that’s really disturbing it’s disturbing and it’s extremely uncomfortable for me because it’s like taking away the legitimacy of sex work for me like every time a girl that’s underage gets into this [ _ ] and acts
like it’s normal you’re making people think that we’re a bunch of [ _ ] pedophiles and that were like condoning that [ _ ] and really it’s not it’s not okay like you know once you turn 18 you can do what you want but under that like
just be a kid like just live your life I know that you’re 20 but it honestly
blows my [ _ ] mind that girls are able to do this [ _ ] legally on camera for at 18 sometimes two because I’m just
like holy [ _ ] I wasn’t doing porn at 18 I was webcaming from the privacy of my own home you had the decency to wait till 19 I wasn’t I wasn’t like popular at webcam II like I wasn’t good my quality was [ _ ] and my body and my face and everything was just like you know I
didn’t have that glow of how did you grow up uhm filler oh really yeah you just got
to fill your face with crap at some point I didn’t know there’s a lot of crap just you know you have to tweak certain little things I have my lips
done anyone who’s seen my earlier scenes can tell okay probably and I have a
little filler in well I had it under my eyes but that dissolve well you get the cheeks done okay what the chin I had not
my chin I’ve had filler like here and that was part of like getting my under
eyes to like fix the symmetry I didn’t really notice a difference and nobody else really noticed a difference but
like it just looked a little more like cleaner if that makes sense like a little more like um
like symmetrical and just it looked good it looks good so the scumbag guy gets
here interweb beginning yeah and he was a total piece of [ _ ] or just a little bit total piece of [ _ ] but I didn’t
realize that until I already stopped dealing with him and then I had to like reflect after and be like wow this guy
was a [ _ ] piece of [ _ ] okay um and he didn’t want me to do professional porn because he he had this
weird idea it’s called like the horror Archy which is like there’s so many different parts of sex where it’s like
this is something he invented no that’s a real turn the horror this is what he believed in like this is how he felt he
outlined this horror key for me so there’s many different types of sex work there’s like webcaming there’s porn
there’s escorting there’s stripping there’s a lot of different you know phone sex and the horror key is the
belief that certain types of sex work like are better than others and make you like you know better or more successful
or whatever that’s like saying basically how he thought is like oh if you do
pouring your [ _ ] horde because everyone’s touching you and you’re getting [ _ ] but if you’re camming yeah you’re getting naked but at least
nobody’s putting their hands on you and you’re just by yourself you reject this because I feel like this is what a lot of people believe I 100 percent reject
that idea and it’s so false and just [ _ ] I just feel like what is it the part that you think is untrue about it I just think like if if you’re getting naked and posting it online or you’re getting make like if you’re selling sex it doesn’t matter for me like what type of sex it is whether it’s like virtual sex or like a video or like real-life sex like it doesn’t that I mean everybody’s got what they’re comfortable with it’s a whole spectrum because on one hand like you know some girl might like my girl when she first started she was just doing privates now just sitting there finger and herself and then on the other end of the spectrum you have you know again the gangbang done by ten dudes and it’s like some girls are super dad with the gangbang by ten dudes and they should continue to do it by all means somebody got to do it and then some girls might be happy doing maybe some girl likes to you know the most she’ll ever want to do is she just wants to [ _ ] flash a titty on Twitter that
that’s where she’s gonna draw the line that’s okay too what’s crazy is that some girls will make the same amount of
money or more flashing a titty as the girls that are getting gangbanged and one doesn’t make you better than the
other it’s all just about your hustle and how you promote yourself and your brand you know it’s true one does not
make you better than the other it’s all relative it’s all why you’re comfortable with I would love for someone to like
explain to me like someone who believes in that [ _ ] what makes a girl that gets [ _ ] on
camera like me like lesser than a girl who does webcaming and their own the
only explanation that I can think of is that you think that having sex is like bad and that your sex negative which I
don’t agree with right like there’s no other explanation to me it doesn’t make sense so tell me how you go from camming
which you claim you weren’t that good at – we’re getting like right into the actual apartment so it was September
more shady and I realized like you know I’ve been naked online for about a year
and this is my life and I need to actually take it seriously and not be like [ _ ] around with this who knows who this guy isn’t to this day like I don’t know what he’s about like he disappeared for my life whatever but so that happened in September 2017 and then I went through like a traumatic I lost a family member and then it just made me kind of like reflect on life and I was like what do I want from life like I want to be happy and I thought and I was like I want to do content I want to [ _ ] on camera but I don’t want to do it
myself I don’t want it to be like on a phone and look amateurish or some [ _ ] so I was like if I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do it like right I’m gonna just go all out go in so I contacted this agent in Florida and he flew me down and then I just started shooting poor and I literally haven’t stopped really yeah for like 13 months what was your first one like my first scene yeah it was actually good I feel like if it was bad I think about it sometimes and I’m like if it was a bad experience would I be here right now would I be doing yeah what I do you hear about that sometimes girls do once they’re over it’s a like some girls I look at their first scene I’m just like I can’t even imagine what that experience shooting that was like with just the most amateurish people with like a camera in a hotel some of these guys try to like steal the girls first anal like they’ll like put it in your butt for like two seconds and then be like we have her first anal that happened to a girl that I saw and she was like really on the come-up like she was gonna be the next big thing and she kind of fell off wow that’s crazy because you hear about you know well like you know dudes will be saying [ _ ] like that like oh you know yeah like dudes are like try to
slip it in the butt wait but you’re saying that the the ass won’t be lubed up or nothing and this still jam it in
there and then put it out there it’s so crazy like a lot of people if you’re not
in the porn industry you might not understand what it means to like steal someone’s first anal personally robbing
them of like up to ten grand but at the end of the day like first in all there’s it’s a huge based on what I know of anal
sex yeah you do not want to be surprised in anybody with a dick in the bus is a horrible idea I mean look if you didn’t
like it does even if the girl was okay with it in the moment even if the guy said like oh baby like let me put it in
your butt and she was like hey like whatever it’s still not okay because you didn’t talk about it but like when
someone’s having sex they’re not in like the correct state of mind yeah and I used to be a lot of Lube you need to get
that [ _ ] so I just feel like to steal someone’s first anal in that way for their first scene ever it’s just like very very what was the decision like for your first anal like it’s because you could have held out and could still be holding my because you weigh like 90 pounds and you’re taking dicks in the body people like really big dicks in my butt look I didn’t like I’ll tell you the story of how I did my first you know because I wasn’t planning to like do anal anytime soon I was like I said to people I was like oh wait like a year or two years learn what ever and I can’t just imitate my voice but okay so my agent at the time I told him look I really want to do interracial which why because you thought that it was [ _ ] up that there’s a stigma around it well because I think that’s
because I think it’s [ _ ] up but also I just wanted to I didn’t want to like restrict myself I was like I want to do scenes with all people of all races not just like white guys and then like beat around the bush like dicks are too big like no I wanted to [ _ ] black guys so I
told my agent I was like I want to do my fur all the black guys out there like I
want to put this out here that I don’t like prefer [ _ ] any specific race over the others I think like it depends on the person and the color of the dick doesn’t necessary color of the person doesn’t dictate like their pipe skills but so you’ve never been [ _ ] a black guy and just look down and you’re like damn that thing really does look like the eggplant emoji but sometimes I feel
like black things can look kind of purple some are really [ _ ] big like I’m not gonna like watch porn that I’d bet like so you got to do something about that that thing is like a [ _ ] bazooka eggplant emoji is dread see with
dread really because his is even like curved a little like how that was it like fatter on the bottom like that so I
told my agent I was like look I want to do like I want to do interracial scenes I want to do my first whatever culture
yeah I didn’t even care if it was like a big first I was like I just want to do it and he was like oh well you’re gonna
want to do it for black comm so you should wait and I’m like I don’t want to wait like you don’t understand I don’t
hear about didn’t man do it so he hit me up one day and he was like I have a
proposition for you so the company mile-high which is a well-known porn company that has a lot of good sites
they said they wanted to do my first anal for a site called hard X which is a
really good gonzo porn site and they said if I do that they will do like a a joint deal to also do my first
interracial scene on their site called dark X which is like you know porn is
racist so I was like I mean I wasn’t planning to do anal but [ _ ] it like I’ve done anal twice in my life I’ll just do it and if I in your casual your wife and did you like it when you did it casually I I didn’t like it but I didn’t dislike you know it was possible yeah I’ve tried to do girls in the pub before i was like this is impossible yeah one of those it’s actually the guy that I did it with he wasn’t like small it wasn’t like he was like a four inch [ _ ] it was like you know it was like 7 or 8 inches and everybody at home a 4
inch [ _ ] is like what the [ _ ] bro all the black guys before inch dicks were like I was totally down until you said
the thing was a 4-inch dick so you know I knew I could do it and I was just like
let me just do it and maybe I’ll like anal and if not I’ll just have my first
and then I can do it again if I ever want to in the future I was like [ _ ] all I cared about was the dark axion mmm I wanted to do my first interracial but that was just so important to you it was important because there’s so many yummy black men in our industry that I wanted to work with yeah I was like look I’m not gonna wait like two years to work with some it like for what reason I’m gonna help my career do me you know these cool dudes really sorry I can’t be any it’s it’s extremely awkward to be like I can’t [ _ ] you on camera because
I don’t [ _ ] men of your race it’s disgusting and I would never I never wanted to do that well didn’t you props for that because I think any girl who sort of like gets that out of the way is in a good place although I don’t know maybe that’s just gonna create more of a market for girls who don’t know definitely but the whole racial aspect of it makes a lot of people like where do you think that the fans are racist or do you think that this is actually just something that the porn companies have sort of thought up is that they think that the fans really care about that or is it just like you know what it is I think is that it’s like [ _ ] white
guys is like playing the video game on level medium or whatever and then all of a sudden you’re on expert mode when you
get this like [ _ ] 14-inch giant eggplant dick I definitely feel like I feel like it took an additional Chadha the fans of the interracial genre are white dudes who just they just enjoy the aspect of a white girl they like the color contrast which like I don’t want to talk about this anymore the whole racial that is interesting is interesting I mean the color contrast yeah it’s a huge part of it I could see aesthetically how that would mean something even regardless of the meaning of like race in society I think blacks calm was like a huge deal when it first came out they branded themselves that first class like classy IR porn site that really like in a beautiful way visually emphasized like the difference in skin tone so your first IR scene went off without a hitch listen this is what happened so I did my first anal that came first they didn’t even schedule the interracial scene yet so I did the anal scene it was with Mick blue great amazing I I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me I was like that’s what I was like I just like it just went in it didn’t hurt everything that you hear bad about anal just didn’t happen and I was just like what does this mean I need to do more anal to like figure out what this means because it felt too easy I was like this is weird like why was my flake my first anal in over a year it was just not difficult for me meanwhile I’m waiting for them to like book the IRC and I’m like when is it happening that’s the whole reason I did this [ _ ] thing and they never booked it meanwhile my agents like do you want
to shoot for black and I was like yeah so I shot for black I regret doing that
scene at the time that I did it because it the guy that I worked with first of
all I feel like if I had waited like a couple more months I would have been a much better performer and I would have
had my dark hair which I feel like is a better look really because you’re a blonde when I first was yeah light
blonde and the priests and I worked with was just a [ _ ] ass really and [ _ ] performer yeah really [ _ ] like I couldn’t but and his dick was actually the biggest dick in port like ever Wow yeah and what was he doing wrong well I mean I’m not gonna say like he just wouldn’t he couldn’t get hard which is like I understand if you have that heavy of a penis like it’s you can’t you can’t defy gravity right that’s a lot of blood it’s gonna take the film at the same time it’s like you have to try you know you have to give me something it’s like he you know how the performers are supposed to give like 50/50 and meet in the middle I felt like I was giving 200% and he was giving like negative like a thousand Wow but it was your first time he’d been doing that but he’s doing the game for a while that’s not true oh it was actually not in the game he was a cop I’m not gonna say his name anyone with basic typing skills figure out who he is by going on the site but he was a contract performer for them I guess because of his huge deck and he just was not a good performer he didn’t like there’s so many aspects to being a good male performer but it’s important to like try to like form some type of chemistry you know that’s what makes the scene good and you know he just was one of the plug just walked in it in her workout clothes she’s so hot oh my god he was just giving me nothing like he was giving me nothing and it was like like what am i I was so nervous cuz there was a you know it’s a big deal it’s a big set it’s an important company and this dude it’s like the character he was playing my character it was like a girl that’s like in love with this rapper and I finally get the opportunity to meet him and he was literally acting like he was like some famous rapper like he was standing off in the corner like looking in the mirror like not even he didn’t even talk to me we didn’t speak until like we actually never spoke he just like walked over in the scene started would you throw this idea out here recently I interviewed Alina Lopez and she was talking about I believe it was her she was talking about how she was doing a scene with a guy he couldn’t get her so she proceeded to eat his ass for a half hour and while she was doing that she was texting her boyfriend yeah was that an option any sort of like emergency but eating to save the day his back is because poor for the record is the only place where that could make any kind of sense like there’s no way that I’m gonna be like yo Jason um I got this interview and I really just don’t feel like I’m gonna be able to get through it there’s any way you could like no it was not an option it just wasn’t an option hmm it just wasn’t because you there was was just nobody suggested that Jane maybe you should go scamper on over give her a rim job for a half hour no it seems like him not being hard was like the norm like they were used to it and you’re just supposed to like make do because his do I have to like his dick is so big that even like flaccid if you can even use that word it’s still like extremely girthy and like 10 inches long see that’s an interesting thing right there because it sounds like the equivalent of like I don’t know if you ever see it that there’s like basketball players will get into basketball they’re gigantic monstrous freaks they’re so tall so like their actual physical attributes on paper it’s like yo this dude’s gonna be them one but then in reality they just don’t really have much athleticism they can’t move they’re not fast so then then they end up being terrible is are you saying that this type of dude falls into the category of a guy who’s got us okay but then the rest of it doesn’t really align with the met with the weaponry I knew what analogy you were making before you even finished it I like what I said about the basketball player and I don’t know any with that that’s literally exactly how it was it’s like you have something so special about you which is that you have such a huge dick that people really want to see you [ _ ] like tiny girls and you just can’t can i speak candidly about you can
do Lenna and i’s past experiences right and i just want to throw this out there
that you had a sort of a peculiar quirk in terms of you sexually but that then
when i found out that you are apparently now super famous for taking huge dicks in the house i was even a little bit was
the just that okay i was having a hard time getting my dick in your vagina oh it’s so tight it was really tight and
then you went and you got this magical hemp loop and all of a sudden that [ _ ] was just hitting that’s that was it was interesting to me in London because we don’t have like a magical Lube that we changed everything it was like night and day well okay I’ll speak candidly about myself is that my vagina it doesn’t get it requires hemp it doesn’t sometimes I don’t even use that loop anymore honestly I use not that particular one but my vagina one it’s extremely tight almost like I’ve no abnormally tight and it is really dry does it yeah like I’m gonna be open right now and a lot of girls deal with this issue where we just like for whatever reason you just don’t naturally get wet and like it sucks because some guys just want to like shove it in there and I’m like you can’t like you and that’s that’s interesting because some girls are like soaking wet just on their own accord without crying this is true look yes I have a disadvantage and some guys think like Oh a tight pussy’s like the best it’s it’s tough sometimes like some with these pouring guys some of them have really big dicks and it’s just difficult sometimes to do vaginal scenes but anal scenes just come natural so animals easier for you if you were gonna have to [ _ ] up in 12 inches gigantic eggplant [ _ ] as we’ve been describing you would rather have it in your butt than your vagina yeah well I would do both just so one doesn’t get too used up too late okay when I’m doing a scene scenes are usually like 40 minutes of like hardcore action well no I’ll say like 30 because it’s not counting like oral and stuff but there’s a certain point during the scene or like when the scene is about to be over where I’m like I check out my body checks out I’m like okay you know there’s two minutes left and I’m gonna deal with this two minutes but I know I’m no longer enjoying myself and this hurts and I need to go recover like I’m already in recovering mode so you know there’s only a certain amount of pounding I can take in my vagina until I have to go in recovery mode but my ass it’s not like that really so you couldn’t see yourself going and doing like a hundred guy gangbang no not in the [ _ ] but in the butt maybe would work that is astounding there’s a site
that’s like gangbang [ _ ] where it’s only a vaginal gang so that’s like [Laughter] after like 30 cream pies somebody’s gonna remember the name of this woman that I forget but back in the day on the Howard Stern Show I remember he had this woman was it Houston something sheshe did 600 guys in a gangbang how I don’t even get how that’s like possible I think she was jerking someone off with her hand giving head to some voom but it was like six or seven hundred or whatever however man what do you mean six hundred like how do you fit that many people in a room I don’t think they were all in the room at the same time I think that there was a big line I consider that more like a train than a gangbang I feel like a gangbang is when everybody is constantly engaging together you’re right because 600 people is a lot to have in one gear I feel like if you’re just like in a long line and you’re just giving like a pump or two and then leaving that’s like running a train but what about like the Hells Angels that’s a whole gang and they’ve thousands of members to [ _ ] every member of a gang would be super lit yeah
think about that you’re getting gangbanged you’re just like okay I’m
gonna do that are you really yeah is that something they’re waiting for a little bit for the gangbang I’m not I
didn’t wait for anal and I’m so happy now that I didn’t because I I genuinely not just for my career but I genuinely
love it like I look forward to it I I don’t think like porn anal is just such
a good experience like it’s just so fun for me more Natal but have you still not
really done much in your private life since you don’t have a private sex life I have like just once in a while if I
have like two days off I like [ _ ] someone but no so it’s because you’re taking somebody’s dick on set that you just learned really as interested as people would assume I’m not that I’m not interested and also that I physically like I need to recover you know I need that time to rest and heal what kind of porn star you like what drives you to actually be in the game because some people get into it just because they just want to [ _ ] a lot something some
girls just straight hustlers some girls or I don’t know they just want to experiment get freaky I feel like some girls are doing more like an art project
you want to create this like pornographic superhero yeah my
motivation for porn is it’s a couple things it’s not just like one thing that
drives me but the main thing would be to build something for myself like build a
career and a life for myself of something that I enjoy and that I’m good at because like dude before porn I mean
I know I was only like 18 before for a night it’s not that long of a life but
childhood or nothing I never had anything that I was really good at and
that I really enjoy like I was never that good at sports I couldn’t dance I wasn’t good at art it was just always
that disconnect a feeling like when is it gonna be my turn to like find my passion that I’m actually really [ _ ] good at did you feel like you had to get over like this hump this hurdle of feeling like a [ _ ] because I feel like you know like was there ever a point in
your like high school life where you’re like you know what I want to [ _ ] these two guys in this closet in class but I’m not gonna because then I’m gonna feel like a [ _ ] but then I’m gonna get into porn and because then I can [ _ ] these two dudes in the closet and that’s considered work well yeah I kind of like towards the end of high school I was like a little ashamed because I hadn’t fully like come to terms with like my sexuality not just like who I liked but like what I like to do and I’m very like open sexually now but in high school I just wasn’t because it wasn’t acceptable like there’s this one girl in high school that was a [ _ ] that we would all like [ _ ] rag on her and [ _ ] and I
don’t I think about it now and I’m like first of all she wasn’t even a [ _ ] like there was no evidence that she ever did anything [ _ ] and second there’s no reason to like hate on her and [ _ ] and I think about it I’m just like I was [ _ ] a lot of dudes in high school just because like it was just easier
than building something with one person does that make sense no yeah all right but also when you’re younger it’s like that’s when you want
to [ _ ] figure out what you’re into but you’re doing everything you can I mean before I had sex I was like oh I’m gonna like have a boyfriend and like lose my virginity in a romantic way and then I just realized that’s not realistic and I just wanted to start [ _ ] right so I just [ _ ] and then I just started [ _ ] like that’s just
how it was but I definitely it took a little bit of time to like fully be like
completely comfortable with being a [ _ ] and a [ _ ] a [ _ ] yeah what do you mean when you said that um I consider a [ _ ] to be a [ _ ] that for money so whether it be you do porn or you’re an escort or whatever if you [ _ ] for money you’re a [ _ ] but I want to take away like the negative like association with that like just some people it probably sounds stupid you’re like well a [ _ ] is the bad thing and I’m like why why don’t why I’m sure
because it’s derogatory like it doesn’t have to be a bad thing you know like it just is a fact it’s like and I consider
a [ _ ] to be someone who just you know love sex and loves having sex and is open about it and doesn’t you know feel confined by like what people think about you definitely I consider myself to be a [ _ ] yeah that’s cool reappropriation totally and people can think whatever
they want about it but it’s about how I feel about myself and in order for me to be happy with myself I had to reclaim
some of these negative terms what do you get the most joy out of shooting and what do you want to shoot in the future
that you think is gonna be exciting for you well I really like you know scenes obviously because it feels good and I
like scenes where I get to like dress really like fun and either sexy or just
like colorful and crazy so certain directors are really into that stuff um but in terms of like scene content I
like anal and I like group scenes so I like scenes with like more than one person like whether it’s a what’s the
most people you ever did on camera I’ve only had scenes with two guys okay but you know this year I might want to do
one with three and then eventually I’ll work my way up to a gangbang like it is something that I think about constantly
and that’s how I know that it’s good for me to do and like I’m not thinking about
it in terms of like a career way like oh I need a weight this amount of time to do this act and like this amount of
money like I just think like I want to get gangbanged just so bad and that’s
how I know that like it will be the right choice for me because I can’t stop thinking about it what is the vibe like when you do you
think from your perspective within the gangbang though is it like are you just like a friends at ease five six seven
guys are you just like are you guys all just throwing down or it like a team vibe where they’re all like high-fiving and [ _ ] and you’re just sort of over in the corner I’m I try to be on set at least like social you know to like I said you know that chemistry is kind of imperative to the scene so even if there’s like zero chemistry it helps to like talk to the person and at least you know get like a vibe going it if there’s no chemistry you have to work really really hard to like make some artificial chemistry sometimes it’s just naturally there but I’ve never done a gangbang but I feel like the vibe is like depending who the guys are you’re kind of like growing it until you’re just not and then it’s and then you’re growing it afterward do you think that they’re concerned about their balls touching mmm certain guys are and they don’t do gangbangs or they’re not they don’t do the DP thing yeah for me I don’t think I would care that much what the balls touched I just feel like you’re you shouldn’t be thinking about that like if you’re thinking about oh [ _ ] my balls are touching this guy’s balls like your dicks gonna get soft yeah like you don’t think about how you
just think well I’m balls deep in this bitch’s ass and she’s getting [ _ ] by another guy she’s such a [ _ ] like this
is so hot well when you put it like that does something that’s what you should do
like see actually that’s what my problem is is that if I think too much about
what I’m actually doing I’m just gonna nut in like 30 seconds I’m trying to like on one hand I’m like bouncing back
and forth because on one hand I’m thinking like wow I got two girls sucking my dick this is tight look at
their faces full of my deck and then another part of me is thinking like golf Redbook
magazine yep Better Homes and Gardens like anything to just try to stop
thinking about how hot what’s actually taking place is and that can be hard but you know what my number one thing I’ve
realized my number one trick to not bust when you’re trying to go for a while and not bust a change positions because if
you’re changing positions that gives you a window of like 30 seconds where you’re moving around and stuff but then the
number one thing I think is you need to hit some kind of weird position like because if
your legs are in like a strange position and she and it’s weight it’s harder for
the blood to get to your dick when you’re standing up or when you have are in some kind of weird Crouch or whatever
it’s way harder than nut it makes sense because the way I think about it is like if you think about it like a medical
this is a simile not a metaphor but whatever problems you for knowing that because I’ve never really wrap my head around the you had a Kendra kind of
spray was in here the other day all smart and [ _ ] that was kind of intense just a little surprising I was like Chileans thank you no notice Emily isn’t I still don’t forget it’s been a while she was like or she knows right thank you so I see it like like like a [ _ ]
what is the [ _ ] word it looks like you’re drawing a dick you’re going not a countdown like what am I thinking leper colony know I feel stupid right now it’s like [ _ ] whatever something where it
spills over the top you know a bucket a bucket okay that’s not thinking a bucket the whole time I wasn’t thinking of a
bucket we can use bucket that works bucket bucket okay good that’s really
fun [ _ ] it that was funny Adam so I see it like you’re you’re constantly like flush this is the nut right and it’s like you’re constantly fluctuating and I just get higher and higher and switching positions brings it back lower instead of it like being so high and those knocks it back down to like level one yeah okay that’s I don’t know why that was so hard to get out no but I feel you for sure and that’s how you if you are like during the part like you know after you’ve been banging for a while then you like all of a sudden it’s like if you nut it’s okay but you know if you don’t want to know that becae you know it and that’s a real problem though and that’s the problem like with my girlfriend with other girls or something the passes that as you start to get closer to them and netting it just be able to so much more likely they your orgonite because all of a sudden like girl from back in the day and she would never be able to nut from me [ _ ] her and we would like we were had been
together for like you know maybe a month two months and like she started to like get more and more comfortable with me she’s like I could tell him like I’m
gonna nut with you like finished she wasn’t saying nothing so I’m gonna come with like while you’re having sex with
me soon but we kept it out on the problem where I would be sawing away and then her orgasms were these like 20
minutes affairs where her vagina would just be dragged her just clamping down on my dick and I never made it through
the full orgasm thing without busting a nut and I would try to just keep going and [ _ ] and it was it was difficult yeah you want to keep banging her with your soft day but I wore condoms with this girl too so that was once the nut is in the condom the encounter is over that’s how you feel that’s how I feel why I just feel like like that’s weird it’s just a blanket it’s like covering like it’s on the dick like the shaft like I don’t want to touch it anymore I work on them rinse it off in the sink put it back on yeah barely use them and it’s very irresponsible with me no no we had a girl in this podcast the other day yeah she was all talking about being a [ _ ] she was talking about how she [ _ ] dudes for a thousand bucks I she was [ _ ] guys in the strip club brah brah and then I said something about wearing
a condom and she goes oh no we don’t [ _ ] with condoms I’m like that’s just made everything else you just said so much more nasty something to brag about if you’re not in the porn industry and you don’t use condoms and you don’t get tested the [ _ ] are you doing with your life I’m sure she gets tested every like 2 or 3 years not everyone’s gonna get
tested every two weeks but we have to cuz it’s part of our career but you have to we us not together we’ll go together
sometimes yeah sir q what I was gonna say that you reminds me of is that coming together
I’ve never done this with a man but I hear it’s a very good experience very
difficult timing-wise allows me to throw out my whole life that is always girls fake it too so you never know when she’s
actually yeah I don’t believe no you can know like some of these girls like in
porn I see the orgasms and I’m just like are you even trying it to be realistic and
that makes me think like have you ever had a real orgasm because if you have you would know how to fake it better
like it doesn’t look attractive right like when I come at home with my vibrator I think I’m like thank god
there’s no camera I’m gonna face right now cuz I look like deranged it’s not hot no I’m like my eyes are crossed and
I’m like clenching I’m like I don’t have lips well that’s kind of the style though yeah I mean some people like I
was watching this one porn up video of it was like a DP on black and this guy
he caught one of the top comments was like oh at 11 whatever at the time he
was like she says daddy I’m coming if that was fake then she deserves an Oscar and I was like okay you know let me go
see let me go see this orgasm and she was like it was like the weakest like Oh daddy I’m coming right and I was like
that’s what you think is a real orgasm like so real that you would give her an Oscar I’m like you stupid internet
comments or what you think I’m just kidding but like that makes me think that a lot of people don’t know how to
like fake an orgasm really well I just want to put in one request for you as well as for all our fans out there
because listen I have done some interviews with porn girls and then I
just was finding out about this from Lana the other day but basically like at least one porn girl that we interviewed
told Lana that like every time somebody tells her how they became a fan of her
is from no jumper so I just really want I was one of such sewing those seeds right away right now if you start to
become a Jane fan from this I just am asking that you like constantly remind her so that she can then in the future
give us an accurate reporting of how much of an impact has had on you and then I would be invoicing you for
those followers that $10 per followers what I will say is that my original like my first like jump in like followers on
social media was after like hanging out with you guys that’s very nice it’s awesome yeah and I
really like I appreciate it that you guys were like I just invented the idea of us being able to create the next
adult stuff not create but to help expose I mean but yeah an interview can
only take you so far I do agree but when it aligns well like Alena she said that
she got a lot of people looking at her stuff and like telling her is that right but she’s super pretty and like seems
like she would probably be blowing up the other way so it’s like it is it’s dope but like someone like her or Gia coming and doing the podcast I think
this will help your your sweet tooth because you actually are cool and I think like for a lot of people I think
they watch a podcast with a girl and then it all of a sudden becomes like I [ _ ] with her and I feel like I know her so now I’m gonna jerk off to her because like if you go to every single girl on there you don’t know anything not you but the average dude does you do not know anything about them and if you went out there and tried to find out about them you’re not really gonna find anything unless you like unless like some persons remember how maybe an interview out there or something but that was part of what made me want to interview porn shows in the first place is I was like dude all these interviews are terrible like I’m watching like a most basic [ _ ] like
how’d you get into porn what do you like about porn what’s your favorite scene that you’ve done doing or a lot of times
it’s like do you like it you know it’s like just like straight hornball content
which is cool but I mean I don’t know as long as I get a little deeper I get when you asked me to come here I was hyped to
come not because they thought that like it would blow me up more but because I was actually excited to like sit down
and like have a candid interesting conversation that just kind of flowed I think it worked I think we had a good
conversation is there anything else that stands out she was like this interview would be like fundamentally flawed if we
don’t discuss this no I just
like Dixon my but I think what I’m
trying to say is I feel like we need to we need to do a [ _ ] a fan contest but like through this somehow don’t you think I couldn’t participate you’re off you’re not in the [ _ ] fan category why not it’s just not my thing I respect other
girls who want to do it and I’m sure they make a [ _ ] ton of money and they make one lucky fans whole life but it’s just not anything I believe we’re all we’re trying to figure out we were talking about this but we’re trying to organize a fist of Fanning contest Vista fans or a fan will actually get fisted by you wearing a rubber glove yes I would but I want him to come pre-greased I don’t want you to have to go through a whole lot to get the butt all warmed up I want them to come in like already like ready they need like warm up and like sticks and fingers in there put some oil in yeah and then stand in line outside the store and say you’re ready in another youniverse if you like set up a contrast not even a contest but just like an opportunity and be like um – note like awesome [ _ ] today and get fisted by Lenna the plug like what how many men do you actually
like realistically think would do it how many we are viewing right now 3,500 probably all of them everybody else who
sees it afterwards nobody the thing is you’re getting fisted I don’t want to
know what percentage of my fans are into getting fisted you know like I just I’m
just gonna fall back yeah I don’t need to know that yeah fisting is like an extreme sex act like i never got fisted
until like recently like extremely recently and it was in your vagina i okay I’ve never gotten like a full like
up – how deep did they get also shut it – you for having two shiny scrunchies to
the scrunchie squad that’s Len his little gang yeah okay within my [ _ ] I probably got it like up to here but it’s really tough to get it like past these like protruding knuckles um but in my butt I just fisted my the other day and maybe like a week to the wrist yeah to the [ _ ] race Wow I
had never done that before cuz like I had gone like up to here in my butt and
then it just slipped in never knew that
I could you know you had that kind of butthole but there’s all kinds of women on earth that have no idea that their
butthole is capable of that it’s the craziest [ _ ] like trippy [ _ ] to me
the amount of things that I had no idea that I was capable of like and like
people could anal itself is a feat but like gaping I didn’t know anything about
gaping I didn’t know it was a whole like category that people like jerk off to do
go send me some links to your gape shots cuz I’d like to check that out see what it’s hitting for go to my pin tweet on
my Twitter real Twitter is Jane Wilde xxx if you go to my pin tweet you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about
Wow so I’ll just put that out there and it’s just cool to discover new things about my body every day but you deep I
can Gabe I confess I can’t squirt though I can squirt if someone’s like forcing
it I’ve never tried to go beyond two fingers with my girlfriend do you think I’m vanilla in the [ _ ] it just doesn’t like to me I go two fingers and then it’s like okay that’s like pretty close to as wide as my dick let’s go for the Dyckman three I don’t know let me see that don’t point the camera at all Jane oh that’s that dread guy that dig is I thought I knew what was going on with dicks but that is some next-level [ _ ] holy cow it’s the camera angle a
little bit it’s also like huge you’re triggering me if I haven’t not even oh
no I was thinking that too that the camera seems like it’s like right at the base of the dick so you’re seeing it from this crazy it’s pretty big
that was astonishing yeah and like what
you were asking a question you asked me before it was like what is like my motivation or my drive
and I said well what I was gonna say is I said building something for myself but
it’s also like you know I [ _ ] with my fans like I wanna I know what they like I want to put stuff out there that they’re gonna enjoy watching like I don’t want to put out any mediocre [ _ ] scenes that are not enjoyable
to watch do you think your fans are gonna really want to see you do anal with a regular-sized dick with an atom
the chat to really like actually I know you know what Twitter is Jane Wilde with
an he and then xxx and I want to just hear your thoughts about that because I’m gonna I’m not
looking at the chat right now but I’m gonna be able to view the chat when I rewatched this and I just want to see their reactions to that I just feel like
the answer is yes they want to see all types of variety with scenes I actually
like I was looking at a forum that I have people talk about like my scenes
and stuff and I posted about the Dredd scene and someone was like am I the only one who prefers to see a guy bought a
regular-sized dick balls-deep instead of the tip of a huge [ _ ] and I was like you’re not the only one but but is that is that the deal is that like you’re yeah you’re banging like the biggest dick ever but you’re not really banging that big of a percentage of it I would say that probably half of it was that thing looks like it would probably stop right about here you can’t get balls deep because there’s a wall and it the wall is right the wall where’s the wall and you know I have no idea and I’m scared I want to go that deep because average dick like myself I feel like I’ve hit the wall but it’s very rare it’s like very long and I’m just not long enough some girls are more shallow than others as well and your cervix or your ass or whatever but there’s an ass wall – yep that’s what I was talking about you’re right that was really have no idea where it is was actually seawall I can feel it sometimes if I go really deep wow it’s great it’s so crazy I’m discovering things about my body I’m just like holy [ _ ] Alexa play camera and bottom of the
[ _ ] hole is the bottom of the [ _ ]
hole but the [ _ ] walls or some [ _ ] it’s sampled it’s sampled this like
[ _ ] woman who went viral for talking about sex back in the day and I can’t remember the exact reference but I’m gonna have to look into it because it was [ _ ] hilarious I just like I saw a clip and I saw when
I was younger too but I just recently saw it again it was like this I don’t know they were Asian I don’t know what type
of Asian but it was these guys and this woman and they were like holding her legs open and the guy’s head was like
covered in like oil and he put his entire head inside of her [ _ ] [ _ ]
goals what about if you got to that
point you found the guy with the perfect small head in the butt I was like his
whole head in the butt imagine him having to be like no no cuz you’d have
to get it would just be like here it would be like a bowl cut but then your ass is the bowl my butt doesn’t stink
I’m pretty sure I don’t know if you go that deep once and like you’re good in there you’re gonna find all the stuff
that’s been saved up for all these years if you’re gonna go that deep you end up
before every anal sea of course okay I just don’t even know if you don’t enema
y’all [ _ ] you’ll see [ _ ] in the scene yeah I mean you’re not gonna like like [ _ ] it’s not gonna come out of your butt but it’s gonna be there I just wonder because I feel like some girls who are true anal Queens that they maybe are able to do and also casually that they’re able to sort of like give up on that side of things I feel this is how I feel if if you are really really in tune with your digestive system and you take imodium and you don’t eat then mabe and you don’t eat for like 12 hours and you just take a regular [ _ ] maybe yeah you don’t have to clean out but for my own peace of mind even if
it’s just like a tiny piece it grosses me out and I don’t want to see that so I
would rather just put the work in and just completely get rid of everything before you let me tell you something
though that dick I just saw in your but if there was a little piece of poop on there you’re definitely not gonna know number one because this is it’s like
dead black but then also it’s like you
could have an entire large nugget of poop on that deck and you still wouldn’t
notice because it’s so big but the poop you would notice you’re right but I’m just saying that dick is so big that it
would be so hard for a piece of poop to compare to it in size absolutely right and like I’ve literally seen you know
most of the time in scenes if there is like I miss hop like that they you know cut it out or editing or whatever but
I’ve seen scenes where it’s like the girl is gaping and I see I see [ _ ] or I see like something gross like just not the right color and I’m just like like why did they leave that in there it’s not the girl’s fault like you know things happen but why would they if that happened to me I would be like mortified I would be like why is this on the internet I don’t want people to see my [ _ ] I just want you to see my gaping [ _ ] I don’t want you to see my [ _ ]
for me it’s like sexually I’m once someone’s food enters the stomach I
don’t want to see it again so I’m not into anything with puke and I’m not into [ _ ] kudos to the people who are like that girl violet I [ _ ] with the fact that she like can be open about her fetish like if you’re actually into that
and you’re open good for you but you know I pulled that out of her because I don’t think she had ever really gotten
that like she said like yeah I kind of want to do the poop munch as to her agent or whatever bad I don’t feel like she had really like thought that much
about it until I sort of got her because you’d be surprised like how much kink
shaming there still is in the industry despite the fact that deal with so many different fetishes and
kinks like like puke [ _ ] are like a big thing I personally don’t see the appeal and I would sorry I would never do that because I’m just not into that some people are so into that just like I don’t see the appeal of getting [ _ ] on
but some people do and there’s fans who love that [ _ ] and I’m like good for you for tapping into that market and you know being true to yourself but it’s just not for me I had a girl one time DMing mean well the she literally wanted to come to the store and have everybody like piss on her and stuff yeah she wanted to like post up in the back and just get pissed on and I was thinking about it I’m like okay I understand that this is like indulging your fantasy but we don’t have a filming permit for this or whatever like there’s so many things that go through my head and then also I was like what are people gonna think they’re gonna think about like we were just peeing in the whatever but then what was even weirder is that then she ended up being like one of these like you know there’s nothing wrong with me to or whatever but she ended up being one of these crazy-ass like chicks who was like accusing all kinds of people all kinds of [ _ ] I’m like oh my god I’m glad I never peed on his [ _ ] I’m in my little porn bubble I feel like piss is like so vanilla which is crazy cuz it’s not and I’m just like this is like squirt like what is the lake it’s just piss but then in the real world people probably probably in the chat right now they’re like oh my god the [ _ ] piss I’m like
it’s just I need to remember that like it’s a very different world out there it
is who don’t even drink piss its losers virgins
I support drinking piss when it’s clear and doesn’t have a smell or taste I support all pestering and how else are
we gonna get rid of it really there’s only so much sewage system down there if
I drink your piss and then I piss that out then boom two pistols have been reduced to one do you have any last
words of her those people out here I feel like we’ve we’ve hit our our 10 my
guest is pulling up and I want to just sort of wrap this up like where the can the people find you where can they stay
tuned to all your content stuff I just wanna say one more thing I will say that if you want someone to drink your piss
drink a lot of water and eat clean if it’s yellow it’s not mellow
if it looks like it looks like v8 yeah yeah go hydrate it needs to be like
water but anyway so my Instagram account is wild sexual underscore and I want
everyone to know that wild is spelled WI l de there’s an e a bonus the bonus e
like I’ll post on my story too so you guys I mean yeah my twitter is Jane wild
xxx if you like watching hardcore porn you should follow me on Twitter
Jane Wilde Hey the [ _ ] is that I’m tagging her right now so if you guys want to go find out what’s going on with the girl that I just interviewed drink pee drink pee and [ _ ] okay yeah thanks
for having me I really this was so fun no super fun on it so it’s kind of bummer that uh miss bougie-ass some of
the plug wasn’t able to make it on time but you know she’s pretty isn’t she
everyone says the same thing about wild sexual everyone says the same thing
whenever I mentioned liner they all say she’s so sweet so sweet she’s really
nice people tell me they’re sweet know one more thing is shout out to Alina
Lopez for being the reason that I’m a speed ler girl and being like the nicest person that I’ve met important and just
by looking at her you would think she’s a [ _ ] cuz she’s so pretty right like you always think like the prettiest girls are gonna like [ _ ] but there we gotta get her back on the podcast we would love to the
first time around yeah and also shout out to her for eating that dudes ass to keep some soldier [ _ ] you know I think I don’t know if she wants people to know this but I think it’s cuz she was brought up Mormon so like people know about her I just didn’t want to be the one doctoring her past religious affiliation we’re all dogs dogs what even his dog saying all right so everybody out there watching this right now just know that I’m gonna be back a real or real soon with some additional guests I have at least two more interviews that I’m gonna be doing throughout the course of tonight but as of right now I’m gonna go take a [ _ ] not on my girlfriend either I’m just
gonna poop in the toilet and then flush it much love thank you so much to Jane Wilde for coming through go follow her
[ __ ] welcome to the no jumpy universe everybody make sure you reminder for the rest of the life any pornhub video you
watched hurt you got a comment rope game comment I’m 22 etc it’s just I just need
I need you guys to follow her like a cloud of dust for the rest of her life thanks guys appreciate you Jane

JETZT LESEN  Sexfantasie im Fitnessstudio
Jane Wilde im Gespräch mit Captain Jack

Jane ist eine meiner Lieblinge in der Branche und ist so bodenständig. Andere Mädchen sagen mir sogar, wie bodenständig Jane ist. Es ist schon ein Vergnügen, 3 Minuten mit ihr zu reden, und ich hatte das Glück, viel länger mit ihr zu plaudern! Jane hat vor kurzem angefangen, DPs vor der Kamera zu machen, und das macht sie hervorragend! Ich musste mich mit Jane treffen, nachdem ich sie am Anfang ihrer Karriere kennengelernt hatte.

Captain Jack: Als ich das erste Mal mit dir sprach, sagtest du, dass du daran arbeitest, das Herz-Tattoo zwischen deinen Brüsten entfernen zu lassen. Wie ist der Stand der Dinge?

Jane Wilde: Ich bin zu jemandem gegangen, der behauptet, eine Lizenz für Tattooentfernung zu haben und über die nötige Ausrüstung zu verfügen, aber der Prozess dauerte viel länger, als ich dachte, und die Abstände zwischen den Sitzungen waren viel länger, als ich dachte, so dass ich keine großen Fortschritte gemacht habe. Seit kurzem gehe ich zu einem Arzt, der eine Lizenz hat. Nächstes Jahr um diese Zeit wird es weg sein.

CJ: Mach dir keine Sorgen. Ich heiße Jane Wilde. Das Tattoo bist du!

Jane: Danke! Das sagen alle, es ist wie ein Markenzeichen, aber ich will, dass mein Markenzeichen etwas anderes ist.

CJ: Nun, vulkanischer Sex ist auch dein Markenzeichen.

Jane: Ja, das ist mir lieber!

CJ: Was ist deine ethnische Zugehörigkeit?

Jane: Das ist komisch, denn ich bin weiß und komme aus New York und meine Eltern sind beide in New York geboren. Meine Großeltern wurden alle in New York geboren, aber meine Urgroßeltern kamen aus der Sowjetunion und verschiedenen Teilen Europas. Ich würde also sagen, dass ich Europäerin bin.

CJ: Du bist sehr süß und Jungs sind süß für ein schwaches Mädchen. Wann hast du die Macht der Muschi gelernt?

Jane: Das ist eine lustige Frage. Ich glaube, als ich anfing, Sex zu haben, haben mich die Jungs auf eine Weise beachtet, zu der sie vorher keinen Grund hatten. In ihren Augen hatte ich nichts zu bieten, aber dann hatte ich einen Körper und meine Sexualität, also fingen sie an, mir Aufmerksamkeit zu schenken, und das wurde mir klar, als ich 15 war. Ich habe es erst mit 18 richtig gemerkt, als ich anfing, viele Männer zu ficken.

JETZT LESEN  Nackt Yoga mit Charly Summer

CJ: Hast du dadurch jemals etwas Großes erreicht?

Jane: Ich habe mir von Männern einen Haufen Gras geben lassen, obwohl ich keins hatte, aber sonst nicht.

CJ: Du hast mir erzählt, dass du noch nie in einer Beziehung warst, sondern einfach mit jedem Sex haben wolltest. Ist das immer noch der Fall?

Jane: Ja. Ich war noch immer nicht in einer Beziehung. Im Moment bin ich nicht sauer darüber, sondern ziemlich froh darüber, weil ich nicht will, dass mich eine Beziehung von meiner Karriere ablenkt. Das ist ein wirklich wichtiger Teil meines Lebens, und ich möchte einen klaren Kopf behalten und jemanden haben, der das im Moment fühlt. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich später im Leben mehr den Wunsch haben werde, eine Beziehung einzugehen. Im Moment genieße ich einfach die Verbindungen, die ich mit den Leuten am Set und all den verschiedenen Arten von Menschen habe.

CJ: Wenn du wieder in New York bist, triffst du dich dann noch ab und zu mit anderen Leuten?

Jane: Ich arbeite jetzt viel, mehr als je zuvor, deshalb muss ich meine freien Tage nutzen, um mich auszuruhen und nicht, um Leute zu treffen. Genau das Gegenteil davon. Diesen Monat war nicht viel los, also habe ich die Zeit außerhalb der Kamera genutzt, um mich zu amüsieren. Ich habe ein paar Leute in der Branche, mit denen ich gerne etwas unternehme. Bis jetzt war es ein guter Sommer.

CJ: Ich habe dich gerade in DP Me 9 für HardX gesehen. Darin warst du unglaublich. Erzähl mir von dieser Szene.

Jane: Ich glaube, ich habe Ende November 2018 beschlossen, dass ich vor der Kamera gedopt werden muss. Als ich in die Branche einstieg, beschloss ich, keine Erwartungen zu haben und einfach zu tun, was immer ich für richtig halte. Ich wollte unbedingt einen Kameramann haben und habe es Spiegler gesagt. Ich überlegte, für wen ich es machen wollte, und er rief mich Anfang Januar an und sagte: “Mason will deinen ersten DP drehen.” Ich sagte: “Lass es uns tun! Es gibt keine bessere Zeit als die Gegenwart und ich wollte es unbedingt machen. Als ich damit anfing, öffnete das die Tür zu so vielen anderen sexuellen Wünschen. Ich war überhaupt nicht nervös. Es war eine ähnliche Stimmung wie bei meiner ersten Szene überhaupt. Ich war nur noch aufgeregter, gefickt zu werden. Es war genau so, wie ich es mir gewünscht hatte. Es war so unglaublich! Die Energie war unglaublich. Es war eine der besten Erfahrungen in meinem Leben. So etwas hatte ich noch nie gefühlt. Es war verrückt!

CJ: Das kam auch auf dem Bildschirm rüber.

Jane: Danke. Ich hatte die Gelegenheit, es zu sehen. In letzter Zeit schaue ich mir jede meiner Szenen an, die ich in die Finger bekomme. Es ist eine Art außerkörperliche Erfahrung. Ich denke nicht: “Das bin ich”, sondern eher: “Dieses Mädchen, ich mag es, wie sie das macht. Sie sieht so heiß aus, wenn sie das macht! Und das ist so cool, weil ich mich jetzt als Sexsymbol sehe, als eine sexuelle Person.

CJ: Da du dir deine Szenen ansiehst, muss ich dich fragen: Hast du dir schon mal selbst einen runtergeholt?

Jane: Die ganze Zeit. Ich weiß nicht einmal, ob man das Masturbieren nennen kann, denn ich habe meine Hände die meiste Zeit des Tages auf nicht-sexuelle Weise da unten. Ich schlafe damit ein, ich wache damit auf, ich tue es sogar, wenn mir langweilig ist. Ich reibe einfach meine Muschi. Auf jeden Fall masturbiere ich, wenn ich mir Pornos und heiße Pornos ansehe, egal, wer es ist.

CJ: Letztes Jahr hast du mir erzählt, dass deine Muschi sehr eng ist, war der DP also lustvoll?

Jane: Ja, es ist sehr lustvoll. Ich glaube, ich wusste gar nicht, wie leicht es mir fällt, meinen Arsch zu öffnen und etwas hineinzustecken, denn das tut mir überhaupt nicht weh. Wenn ich mich also nicht darum kümmern muss, ihn zu dehnen, kann ich mich darauf konzentrieren, meine Muschi zu meinem Vergnügen zu dehnen. Wenn ich also anal gefickt habe, habe ich ständig Finger in meine Muschi gesteckt und sie gedehnt und da wusste ich, dass ich DP’s machen kann, weil ich wusste, dass ich diese Menge in mir aushalten kann.

CJ: Du hast in den ADT-Boards gesagt, dass du noch einen Gangbang machen musst, einen doppelten Analsex, eine doppelte Vagina, luftdicht…

Jane: Ich fand die Aussage dieses einen Typen irgendwie lustig, denn nur weil jemand eine Menge Hardcore-Scheiße vor der Kamera macht, kannst du ihm keine Fragen stellen? Die Fragen, die du stellen willst, lauten: “Wann machst du das, das und das?”, aber so sehe ich Pornos nicht. Ich sehe Pornos als eine echte Erkundung meiner Sexualität, als das, was ich in meinem Leben tun will, als eine echte Schlampe. Keine falsche Schlampe für die Kamera, sondern eine echte Schlampe, die auch vor der Kamera fickt. Das sind die Dinge, die mich begeistern, die ich machen will. Ich schaue mir Gangbangs an und die besten sind meiner Meinung nach Riley Reid, Adriana Chechik und Angela White. Und ich sehe mir diese Gangbangs an und denke, dass ich das noch nicht kann. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich noch nicht so weit bin und nicht so viel Energie aufbringen kann, aber ich werde es mit der Zeit schaffen, ich muss nur üben und mich aufputschen. Ich warte nicht auf eine Auszahlung oder irgendetwas anderes, aber ich will, dass es das ist, wozu ich fähig bin oder fähig sein werde. Und ich will es auch den Fans geben.

CJ: In dem Thread auf ADT hast du gesagt, dass es ein paar Dinge gibt, die du nicht machen willst, weil du dich dabei unwohl fühlst. Gibt es etwas, das du nennen möchtest?

Jane: Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt kann ich nur sagen, dass ich nicht nach Europa gehen werde, um diese wirklich harten Legal Porno Gangbangs oder Double Anals zu drehen. Diese Art des Drehs interessiert mich nicht wirklich. Ich werde nicht darüber lästern, denn jeder hat seinen eigenen Geschmack und arbeitet hart. Es erregt mich nur sexuell nicht und ich will nur Dinge vor der Kamera machen, die mich erregen. Und ich mag die meisten BDSM-Szenen mit körperlicher Bestrafung nicht, weil ich mehr auf das Spiel mit dem Atem als auf körperliche Schmerzen stehe. Das heißt aber nicht, dass ich das nie machen werde, denn das sind einfach meine derzeitigen Grenzen.

CJ: Was sind deine Lieblingsszenen, die du Fans empfehlen kannst, die dich noch nicht kennen?

Jane: Ganz klar meine erste DP in DP Me 9. Auch mein zweiter DP ist eine meiner bisher besten Szenen. Sie ist in Anal Fuck Dollz unter der Regie von Jonni Darkko für Evil Angel. Es war vulkanisch und ich habe viel gespritzt. Ich habe auch eine Szene mit Markus Dupree auf seiner neuen Seite gedreht. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass jede Szene, die ich in den letzten 3 Monaten gedreht habe, wahrscheinlich meine beste Arbeit ist. Ich habe sie auf ein neues Niveau gebracht. Die Dinge, die in den nächsten Monaten herauskommen, solltest du dir unbedingt ansehen.

CJ: Wer sind deine Lieblingsdarsteller und -regisseure?

Jane: Was die Darsteller angeht, so arbeite ich gerne mit meiner Freundin Emily Willis zusammen. Nicht nur, weil wir befreundet sind, sondern weil wir die gleiche explosive Energie und die gleiche Mentalität haben, wenn es um unsere Karrieren und Auftritte geht. Ich mag die Zusammenarbeit mit Riley Reid sehr, das war eine tolle Erfahrung. Angela White….jeder weiß, dass das die besten Darsteller sind, weil sie es jedes Mal beweisen, wenn sie vor der Kamera stehen. Was die Regisseure angeht, würde ich sagen, alle Regisseure von Evil Angel wie Jonni Darkko, Chris Streams, LeWood und dann Jules Jordan, Mason und Pat Myne. Ich liebe ihre Arbeit.

CJ: Gibt es Darsteller/innen oder Regisseur/innen, mit denen du gerne zusammenarbeiten würdest, aber noch keine Gelegenheit dazu hattest?

Jane: Ja, auf jeden Fall. Ich habe noch nicht mit MissaX zusammengearbeitet. Das ist eine schauspielerische Seite, für die ich sehr gerne drehen würde, weil ich die Talente, die dort arbeiten, einfach toll finde. Ich denke, es ist aufregend und anders. Adriana Chechik ist die Nummer 1 unter den Darstellern. Ich sage das immer wieder, es kommt mir so vor, als würde ich die ganze Zeit darüber reden. Sie ist jemand, zu dem ich aufschaue, und ich möchte unbedingt eine Szene mit ihr drehen, weil ich sehen möchte, wohin ihre Energie mich bringen kann. Ich mag es, mit Leuten zu arbeiten, von denen ich mich inspirieren lassen kann.

CJ: Lass uns über lesbischen Sex sprechen, bist du ein Fan von Tribbing?

Jane: Ich bin ein großer Fan von Tribbing und ich wusste es nicht einmal, bis ich zum Porno kam. Vor Pornos hatte ich noch nie mit einem Mädchen geschlafen. Ich hatte experimentiert, aber nicht richtig. Ich hatte noch nie richtigen Sex mit einer Frau, das ganze Drum und Dran. Aber dann bekam ich die Gelegenheit dazu und merkte, wie sehr ich es genieße, Frauen zu dominieren, ganz bestimmte Frauen. Ich mag es, von Männern und Frauen dominiert zu werden, aber unterwürfige Mädchen machen mich wirklich an. Ich schlage sie einfach und übernehme die Kontrolle. Ich glaube, mit meiner geringen Größe ist es beim Tribbing ziemlich einfach, die Muschis aufeinander zu bringen. Was ich hasse, wenn ich mir Pornos ansehe, ist, wenn man sieht, dass sie sich kaum berühren und unbeholfen sind. Mir wäre es lieber, wenn sie sich tatsächlich berühren und man es nicht unbedingt sieht, sondern die Leidenschaft und das Vergnügen sieht.

CJ: Wenn du mit einer Frau zusammen bist, magst du es dann, wenn Spielzeug im Spiel ist, oder wollt ihr nur zu zweit sein?

Jane: Das kommt darauf an. Wenn du einen Vibrator als Spielzeug bezeichnest, dann mag ich das, weil es ein einzigartiges Gefühl ist, das wir selbst nicht nachmachen können. Aber abgesehen davon glaube ich nicht, dass wir wirklich kein Spielzeug brauchen. Ich bin generell gegen die Verwendung von Spielzeug.

CJ: Du bist ein Squirter, wann hast du das gelernt?

Jane: Ach du meine Güte. Ich würde mich selbst nicht als Squirter bezeichnen, denn ich denke, dass man es unter allen Umständen tun kann. Ich habe erst gemerkt, dass ich wirklich spritzen kann, als ich mit Markus Dupree gearbeitet habe. Er hat eine Technik, bei der er mich einfach von meinem Arsch aus fingert und weil meine Muschi leer und offen ist, explodiert sie einfach, wenn ich richtig feucht bin. Aber aus irgendeinem Grund kann ich nicht allein mit Fingern oder so spritzen. Ich brauche eine andere Person, die weiß, was sie tut, um da reinzukommen und es geschehen zu lassen. Oder wenn ich etwas in meinem Arsch habe und es auf meine Muschi drückt, dann kann ich spritzen. Es passiert einfach unwillkürlich. Und das ist etwas, was Markus sehr oft macht, aber ich habe noch niemanden gefunden, der das gut kann.

CJ: Du hast auch einen beeindruckenden Spalt. Hast du daran gearbeitet oder ist das etwas Natürliches?

Jane: Das ist eine verrückte Geschichte, denn als ich meinen ersten Analsex hatte, wusste ich nicht einmal, was ein Gaping ist. Ich glaube nicht, dass Mason das erwartet hat, denn sie hat mich nicht gebeten, zu klaffen. In meiner zweiten Analszene wurde ich auch nicht aufgefordert, zu klaffen, aber es gab eine Stellung, in der ich in der Hündchenstellung auf dem Boden lag, mit dem Kopf auf dem Boden, als ob die Schwerkraft die Luft antreibt. Das war mit JMac und als er seinen Schwanz herausnahm, war da dieses riesige schwarze Loch! Ich wusste es nicht einmal, bis ich Bilder von der Szene sah und alle sagten: “Oh mein Gott! Sieh dir diese Lücke an!’ Und ich sagte: “Wovon zum Teufel redet ihr da? Was klafft da?’ Dann wurde mir klar, dass das ein ganzer Fetisch ist und ich die Fähigkeit dazu habe. Mein Arsch bleibt einfach offen. Also habe ich es geübt und versucht, in jeder Szene zu klaffen. Ich habe einfach gelernt, meinen Schließmuskel so weit zu entspannen, dass er sich nicht sofort wieder schließt. Er bleibt ein paar Sekunden lang offen. Deshalb bin ich mir auch sicher, dass ich Doppelanal machen kann, denn als ich das erste Mal mit Chris Streams gearbeitet habe, hat er mich für Analized mit James Deen gedreht. Damals klaffte mein Mund noch nicht einmal; ich wusste nicht, wie ich ihn offen halten und klaffen sollte. Nachdem er es mir erzählt hatte, fragte ich ihn, ob ich jemals doppelanale Szenen machen könnte. Chris sah mich nur an und sagte: “Natürlich! Hast du gesehen, wie groß das Ding ist?” (lacht)

CJ: Hast du irgendwelche Fantasien, die du gerne vor der Kamera ausleben würdest?

Jane: Oh ja, ich habe eine Menge Fantasien. Eine große Fantasie von mir ist ein Gangbang und ich möchte auf jeden Fall super hardcore dabei sein. Ich mag die Vorstellung, dass Typen, die gar nicht an dem Gangbang beteiligt sind, einfach nur dasitzen, sich einen runterholen und dabei zusehen, wie ich gefickt werde. Eine Fantasie wäre es, von 5 oder 6 Typen mit riesigen Schwänzen gefickt zu werden, DP’s zu bekommen und einen Haufen meiner Fans dabei zu haben, die sich gerade einen runterholen.

CJ: Du hast mit Webcamming angefangen. Was ist das Seltsamste, das du in deine Muschi stecken solltest?

Jane: Ich kann mich gar nicht mehr daran erinnern, das ist schon so lange her. Aber ich erinnere mich, dass mich einmal jemand gebeten hat, mir Käsescheiben auf den Körper zu legen und mich mit dem Käse zu beschmieren. Ich glaube, er war ein bekannter Käseliebhaber auf der Baustelle.

CJ: Wenn du keinen Porno machen würdest, was würdest du dann jetzt tun?

Jane: Ich weiß es nicht! Wahrscheinlich wäre ich irgendwo eine Hure! Ehrlich gesagt, ich weiß es nicht. Ich kann mir keinen anderen Weg für mich vorstellen. Ich habe wirklich das Gefühl, dass ich dazu bestimmt bin, das zu tun. Ich hatte nichts anderes, was mich interessierte, und dann wurde ich so leidenschaftlich, dass ich Pornos drehte.

CJ: Wirst du manchmal in der Öffentlichkeit erkannt?

Jane: Ja, ein Mal. Aber ich frage mich, ob die Leute mich vorher erkannt haben und einfach nichts gesagt haben. Einmal war ich mit einer Freundin in einem Diner. Wir saßen an der Theke und ich bat ihn, mir das Catsup zu reichen, und er sagte zu uns beiden: “Oh, übrigens, großer Fan!”, weil ich mit einer anderen Künstlerin zusammen war. Es ist schön, für meine Bemühungen anerkannt zu werden.

CJ: Würdest du jemals mit einem TS-Mädchen arbeiten?

Jane: Ja, das würde ich gerne, es ist nur nichts, worauf ich mich im Moment besonders konzentriere. Aber ich möchte es. Ich werde es tun. Es wird passieren.

CJ: Was ist das Perverseste, das du je gemacht hast?

Jane: Letzten Sommer habe ich mich noch nie von zwei Typen gleichzeitig ficken lassen. Ich wollte es unbedingt tun und ging zu diesem Haus, in dem ein Haufen Leute war, das hatte ich nicht erwartet. Ich fing an, von zwei Typen gefickt zu werden und dann kam ein dritter dazu. Es waren noch andere Leute da und sie haben zugesehen. Und das war nur zum Spaß. Nicht wegen des Inhalts oder so.

CJ: War das auf einer Party oder so?

Jane: Es war keine Party, es waren nur Leute da, die abhingen. Es war ein ganz normaler Tag.

CJ: Und wie können die Fans dir in den sozialen Medien folgen?

Jane: Auf Twitter bin ich @janewildexxx. Auf Instagram bin ich @wildesexual_.

Hotter Hot Yoga

Hotter Hot-Yoga Hot Yoga Nacktyoga

Wer oder Was ist ADULT TIME?

Adult Time ist eine digitale Abonnement Video-Plattform für eine neue Ära der Erwachsenenunterhaltung. Adult Time ist ein Program, das von Menschen aufgebaut wurde, die an eine Zukunft glauben, in der ein erwachsendes Publikum sicher und mit Stolz einen Platz in ihrem Programm für Premium-Inhalte für Erwachsene haben kann.

Zusätzlich zu dem fesselnden Programm widmet sich Adult Time der Schaffung eines personalisierten Inhaltserlebnisses für alle seine Zuschauer/innen. Ein Service, den du als Individuum mit all deinen einzigartigen Vorlieben, Interessen und Gewohnheiten nie wieder kündigen willst. Adult Time hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, dir die umfangreichste und hochwertigste Auswahl an unzensierten Pornofilmen, Sex-Filmen und Erotik-Serien für Erwachsene zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Tageszeit, Primetime, Adult Time.

Mit mehr als 200 Kanälen, 60.000 Szenen und mehr als fünf Video-Neuerscheinungen pro Tag haben Abonnenten von unbegrenzten Zugriff auf den gesamten Katalog des Studios mit preisgekrönten Erotik- und Porno Videos.

Porno einmal anders!

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